Vodacom / issue with the cancellation of my contract

South Africa

In April I Contacted Vodacom and advised them that I needed to cancel my contract as I am moving to Cell - C. I had received the cancellation notice amount which was R1045. This was deducted from my account on the 03/05/2016. My number was then ported to Cell. C so I have been billed by them - no issues on this billing. Subsequently Vodacom has submitted 2 debits on my account which I have reversed. I have also sent them the notice of cancellation and the amount that was due, which i had paid. I have been told that i now have an amount of R868 owing to them - this is after they have neglected to cancel my contract when i asked them to. Note that the move to Cell C has been done, but Vodacom still wants to charge me for the contract???How does this happen I have no clue. I have been communicating with them almost on a daily, this matter is still not resolved. I cannot get through to them that the payment has gone through for May. I am really not surprised by the lack of service and the lack of ownership on this matter, no-one is really interested in dealing with problems. This is really pathetic service. Vodacom does not communicate any contact number to call from Telkom or any other service provider? They only provide details if you are calling from a Vodacom number. I have had enough of this and cannot spend my time day after day dealing this very simple matter. And I have been told they have handed me over to Pre-Legal??????

Aug 24, 2016

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