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Cape Town, South Africa
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I am on a 200 top up contract and on the 1st of january 2017 i checked my airtime as i did not reciev an sms and the amount received was r97.00. No notification received. When i called the agent said i have been subscribed to a web where even though you say do not subscribe you will be subscribed automatically. The request to unsubscribe has been sent and i will be refunded.This process will take from 24 hours up to 7 days.
On the morning of 2 january all my airtime was gone. This is with my mobile date off. Ever since i have been with vodacom i have been paying my full premium of r345 and after the 5th of every month( 5 days later) i end up buying r30 airtime and r30 data daily and wake up to no airtime and data. On 3 january i spoke to chatule in the cancellations department with reference number [protected] who i asked if i can get a quote as i do not want to be on the contract anymore and she was unable to send me the email before 05/01/2017. Chatule confirmed that i am able to settle my handset only for the outstanding amounts of months and she will forward me the quote on the mentioned date.Should i settle the full amount with the airtime included i will get my airtime as soon as my account is settled.This was confirmed by her team leader. I spoke to boniface on 03/01/2016 who confirmed that this is wrong information in reference [protected] and that i will not get my airtime. On 05/01/2017 i called again and spoke to sarah who up until today also have not sent the quote or the information that i have requested on that day. Reference 1/[protected]. I am disgusted with vodacom and i do not want to discuss anything with you. Send me the details as to how i can settle my account and the amount. I do not want any consultant to contact me as you have no idea what excellent customer service is and you are ripping off our people and stealing our money. I want my settlement amount no airtime i will only pay for the device and move to a different network. You have my email address it has been corrected.

Jan 9, 2017

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