vodacomfraudulent contract / suspended number

I have been trying to resolve a matter on behalf of my Mother. This has been ongoing since July 2018, with no resolution. I simply cannot get any person to resolve this matter. Tried to speak to a manager but just not possible. Either they are in a meeting or their lines are busy.

My Mother has been billed for a Galaxy tablet since November 2014. The matter was raised with the fraud department who confirmed a fraudulent transaction.

My Mother provided me with a power of attorney letter to deal with this matter. The letter was submitted to a Riael Salomon on the 4th of September 2018.

My Mother was credited with R2527.78, which is nowhere close to the amount she has been billed, which amounts to over R8000 according to the account statement invoice provided by a person called Akona. I disputed the amount credited to my Mother and since then absolutely no response. The number in dispute is [protected]. I have directed emails to the CEO, Mr Shameel Joosub, but did not even aid in resolving this matter.

My Mother's phone has been suspended again [protected]). Her bill for her cell phone and data card does not exceed R206.00 per month. How can the R2527.78 credit be used within three months with the amount she should be billed.
Vodacom or more specifically Monica - accounts department refused to assist me without my Mother confirming, however, she had an operation today and could not confirm, despite a power of attorney provided, either unable or unwilling to get from the person mentioned above. I find this extremely insensitive to expect my Mother to confirm having just come out of operating theater.

I want her phone unsuspended and money reimbursed for the fraudulent contract into her bank account.

Heather Horn

Nov 21, 2018

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