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Good day,

I am writing this email with a heavy heart as I am extremely disappointed in Vodacom.

On Monday 10 April 2017 a fraudulent sim swop was done on my name for cell phone number [protected]. My son is using this number and he got an sms confirming sim swop, but by the time we realised what was happening it was too late.

The person who had done the sim swop got in contact with my son’s wife requesting that she do an ewallet deposit to his number [protected]. As she thought it was her husband smsing her, she did the transfer. Only after the person requested a second amount and her not getting hold of my son on his cell phone did she notice something was wrong.

We got the number cancelled and my son had to go in and do a sim swop again, as his current sim card had obviously been cancelled.
I gave him a letter confirming that I authorise the sim swop and that the contract was in my name. I also gave him proof of address and a copy of my ID.

What worries me is that the staff at Vodacom had no interest in the documents my son took with him and he saw for himself how easy it is to do a sim swop.

Now because of the fact that it is so easy, we have lost work time, we have lost money and we have lost our trust in you as a service provider.

Please note the following:
1. It should not be so easy to do a sim swop, especially if a person is on a contract.
2. There should be security measures in place that protect your customers from this.
3. You were not protecting me or my information as a Vodacom customer.
4. When we phoned Vodacom to report the sim fraud, we were told that I would be contacted and I was never contacted back, therefore I do not have a reference number for reporting the fraud.
5. I do not know what expenses where made on this contract during the time the number was in use of the fraud.

We have contacted the bank and they gave us all the details of where the money was withdrawn etc.

Please find attached hereto all the required documents:
1. Copy of my daughter in laws certified affidavit
2. Copies of my daughter in laws certified ID’s (Maiden name and current Surname)
3. Copy of the smses that were sent between her and sons number
4. Copy of my daughter in laws certified bank statement which shows that the money was transferred (still in her maiden name)
5. The sms I received about the sim swop
6. Details of the ATM where the money was withdrawn
7. Copy if my ID (since the contract is in my name)

We have emailed the Spar where the money was withdrawn and requested camera footage to be sent to us.

Please also note that my son’s new sim card has still not been activated and this is his business phone. We have contacted Vodacom numerous times and every time we get a different number that we should phone. He is losing business while his phone is not working.

Now I request that you do an investigation regarding this fraudulent sim swop and let me know how are you going to rectify this with me as a customer of yours.

Trust you find this email in order.


On 18 April we received the following email from Lesley Abels([protected]

"Good day

We apologise for not responding to your posting timeously and thank you for your patience.

We require the following information in order to investigate the matter:

- Visit the nearest Police Station and obtain an affidavit stating that you did not open the contract with Vodacom, or never applied for a new or add-on line (Fraudulent number needs to be clearly stated).
- Copy of bank statement obtained at the bank teller (NB: Internet bank statements are not accepted as this will cause delays when a refund has to be processed).
- Certified copy of ID and 3 signatures

You may email the above mentioned information to me personally, by attaching to the reply email.

Thank you for your endless patience with this query and we apologise most profusely for any inconvenience that we may have caused.


Lesley Abels
Senior Consultant"

After getting all the relevant documentation together we sent an email to Lesley and got a read receipt:

Your message

Cc: [protected]
Subject: RE: EC-0CLB-1EU6EQ Hellopeter
Sent: [protected]:19 PM

was read on [protected]:23 PM.

On the 4th of May i sent an email again and yet again got a read receipt:

Your message

Cc: [protected]
Subject: EC-0CLB-1EU6EQ Hellopeter
Sent: [protected]:10 AM

was read on [protected]:11 AM.

I sent an email again on 10 May and surprise surprise got a read receipt:

I also sent an email again on the 16th of May. None of the emails have been answered, we have not been contacted regarding this matter and I find this very unprofessional and unacceptable.

Your urgent response to our emails should be a top priority at this stage, since you have not shown any interest with assisting us.


May 18, 2017

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