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Don’t bother upgrading as it isn’t as simple as you think. My contract has expired almost three months ago and no one has bothered to retain my business. When you call the contact centre you get pushed from pillar to pillar or the service provider has already closed. I don’t have flexibility during office hours to do personal chores or activities. I approached a Vodacom Outlet in Greenstone when I eventually found a phoned I liked but the store hadn’t received stock. Was told I would be contacted but I’m still waiting for that call.

After spending a few thousand rand on a monthly basis, you still have the ordasity to want to charge me for a basic handheld device. You have made enough money out of me and if you still want to charge me for a handset I will move to another provider. I do find your service shocking and expensive and do not need your service. Let me know if you want my business and if you have a package that suites my needs.

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      15th of Apr, 2012

    Hi there Ranjey

    I understand your frustration, you are busy enough with work as it is without having to battle to upgrade your contract and get a new handset. In terms of phone availability from any network unfortunately the network eg: Vodacom has to rely on the manufacturer for the shipment of the handset required. Sometimes it is very difficult for a Network provider to get hold of the specific handset from the supplier. For instance, the IPhone4S has been on back order for weeks now with no word from Apple as to when Vodacom will receive the handsets, South Africa has always been short supplied when it comes to IPhones(as an example) I'm not sure which phone you requested.
    Concerning the fact that we have to pay in a certain amount of money or pay an extra amount of money per month for certain phones, Vodacom and I believe all other networks place a certain "value" on every contract they offer, they think about their expenses they incur in order to provide you with the services attached to that contract. So lets say you have a Talk 500 costing you R800pm, Vodacom needs to provide you with 500 minutes of talk time and 100 sms's monthly, there are costs involved in this for Vodacom like sever maintenance, admin, call centre assistance and so on. after calculating those expenses the network provider can place a value on the contract in order for you to receive your phone ether for free or at a price if the phones cost price is higher than the contracts "value" the IPhone4S for instance has a very high cost price that is not covered by most contracts.

    I'm not sure if I have addressed your concerns but I hope it helps in some way.


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