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Good day,
The above mentioned number has been on a soft lock.
In December 2016 “somebody” deactivated the line without my consent, thus the monthly bill escalating to +-R1300. In addition to this, the line was unable to make calls. A recorded announcement was then on the line, informing me that the line was suspended.

In January 2017 I queried this, and gave verbal telephonic notice to END this contract. I also requested the line to be soft locked up until the time of the termination of the contract. In the interim, the line was once again unable to make outgoing calls. A recorded announcement was then on the line, informing me that the line was suspended.
On 30 January another R1039 was debited from my account.
I also asked the consultant to make a note that my daughter (Talitha) has authority to make queries on my behalf when contacting Vodacom and he failed to do so.

I would like the answers to the following Questions:
1) Who deactivated the Soft Lock on this Account?
2) Why was the contract not ended after requesting this? (Please go check your recorded calls- Which you love to remind us about)
3) The line has been suspended, yet the bill ends up at R1300 for the past two months?
4) On 16th of January 2017, Justin Joseph requested information in order to answer my previous written query. Up unto date, I received no response!!!

This is unprofessional, unethical and I will be taking this further.
Vodacom has failed to follow my telephonic instruction to cancel the contract (AS per my request in January – and I was informed that you can only do this telephonically)
Vodacom has deactivated the soft lock without my consent
Vodacom has suspended the line, although the bill has escalated to over one thousand rand.

Kindly be advised that I will be exposing Vodacom in OFF YOUR TROLLEY in the the Tygerburger and I will ask the media for help regarding the above mentioned queries, since Vodacom can never answer!

Feb 01, 2017

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