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Last week (11th Jan 2017) I completed my application for a new contract and phone over the internet and telephone, thinking that it should be easier than trying to get to a store with my work being very demanding etc.
I also requested to keep my old prepaid number.
However it turns out that it would have been better to just take time off of work to go in store to do the application instead. They delivered the phone on Tuesday this week (17 Jan 2017) with the incorrectly sized sim card for the phone, they sent me a duo sim instead of a nano sim, so I anyway had to go in store and purchase another sim card on my own account. And then when they are doing the sim swop I learn that they did not migrate my old number at all, as I had requested (more than once when doing the application). I've had to sit on the phone for ages just to get through to someone to assist me in migrating my number, being sent from one person to the next. I was told, after eventually getting to some who was able to help, it will take 2-5 hours then the number will be migrated, but it is now 20 hours.
I have no doubt that it will eventually be done and so on, but my frustration is that it turned out to be such a mission by doing an online/telephonic application and order instead of going in store, whereas it's supposed to be the opposite way round.
I am also not pleased about the fact that the airtime and data I had purchased for my prepaid number (for work purposes) will be forfeited once the migration in complete, and one is not able to send these amounts to a "friend/family member" in the interim. And I have been informed that other networks allow you to carry it over... so this also irked me.

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    As an update:
    Vodacom has now moved my contract to my old number, but now also to my old Simcard (which doesn't fit into my new device!) And now I have to wait for them to send me a new Simcard, which will fit into my new device, and then have them do a Sim Swop!
    Still wasting my time...
    Plus there is discrepancies between the deals done in store and online...

    Moral of the story here: NEVER EVER do anything over the telephone with Vodacom. It's long winded, frustrating and you have to keep phoning and get sent from one person/department to another, and then you also loose out. Rather do business in store, as it seems to get done faster, and properly the first time round AND you get better deals for the same price!

    Extremely unhappy and frustrated with this whole situation... to the point where I am tempted to completely cancel my subscription and move to another network completely (after being with Vodacom for 16 years!), but I shan't... for now... But my advice is that you really need to do something regarding your Customer Service, if I look at the amount of complaints that are on your page currently, it seems to be a reoccuring problem...

Jan 19, 2017

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