Vodacom / contracts signed with vodacom without my knowledge or consent

jhb, South Africa
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A Vodacom debit order was ducted from my bank account on 12/8/2016 .I went to the bank to cancel this debit order on 15/8/2016.That same night another debit order was deducted from my account. When I eventually got the correct contact details from the fifth person a spoke to at Vodacom, the lady told me that I apparently signed two Vodacom contracts in August. The lady said on the 16/8/2016 that she logged my complaint and that someone from Vodacom will phone me.It's 22 August and still waiting for this call. I didn't signed any contracts with Vodacom and has been with Cell C for the past 8 years. These Contracts with Vodacom were signed without my knowledge or consent.This is why I'm a Big Cell C supporter and will never ever join "Vodacom"

Aug 22, 2016

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