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My name is abiodun jinadu with account no [protected]-0, I have 6 different accounts with vodacom, sometimes in july I requested for an upgrade of the above mentioned number, it was supposed to be delivered to an address in pretoria central where my wife works, I was told it will take between 3-4 days for it to be delivered which I agreed to, the phone was never delivered for the rest of the week. My wife was suppose to be on a training in durban the next week, at the the beginning of the new week, I called the upgrade department to inquire the reason for the delay as my wife that I wanted to upgrade the line for will be out of town in that week and would love for her to have the phone before leaving.

The consultant that attended to me told me the phone has left vodacom's offices' and is now with ram, so I must phone ram to inquire what the problem was and then get it resolved, I called as advised but didn't get helped, I was referred back to vodacom as I was told the phone was returned back to them, I called several times to find out how soon and best will the issue be resolved, but never got helped.

I got frustrated and requested for the upgrade to be cancelled, and also request that all lines due for upgrade be cancelled as well as I was very disappointed in the manner the upgrade was handled. I was told a reversal has to be done and this will take about a week for it to be reversed and that I must call back after a week to check if its been reversed, then I can only log a request for cancellation. I called back after a week and was told a different story that the phone has been dispatched to the address again and that I must wait for it to return back to vodacom before I can log a request for cancellation. This information was given to me the day I logged a request for the cancellation of one of my other line [protected] which was successfully cancelled as that do not have any issue of upgrade.

I called back again the day I was given to call back with anticipation that the phone would have returned, instead I got a different story of the phone being somewhere again. Eventually I got someone to help who said he is sending a mail for the upgrade to be reversed and a notice of cancellation loaded on the contract and that I will get an sms for the cancellation which never came through. I called the customer care after a week to recheck if a notice for cancellation has been placed on both of my numbers [protected] and [protected], which the consultant confirmed she can see the notice. I was advised the last debit order for the cancelled lines will be processed on the 15th of october and that I should ensure the sim cards are not in the phone by the 30th because I gave them an instruction to convert both lines to a prepaid line. The confirmation came through from the consultant that both lines has been cancelled. I did as I have been told and removed all the lines from phones.

Surprisingly, this afternoon I picked up one of the lines to recharge since i've been told its been converted to a prepaid sim, but surprisingly saw its loaded again with the monthly allocation despite all the troubles I went through trying to cancel the contact following the terrible ordeal I had in upgrading that line.

As a planned man that always wants to meet his financial obligation and credit demands, I have already budgeted I wont be paying two contracts this month and as such I did not make any arrangement for that. I've called both the customer care an cancellation department again tonight and was told the same old story of the line still being active and a notice of reversal has to be set and the later call back for the line to be cancelled.

I am kindly requesting for the airtime allocated to that line [protected] be reversed and the line canceled as previously requested and that payment not charged to my invoice this month. I have not touched the airtime allocated to that number and a provision for the payment of that account has not been made this month since i've been told that a confirmed notice of cancellation was placed on the number.

This is my kind and warm request and I look forward to it being resolved as soon as possible as my next debit order goes through on the 15th of this month and I don't want unnecessary surprises since I did not budget for that payment this month.

Best regards,

Aa jinadu

Nov 08, 2016

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