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Vodacom / poor service, bad attitudes of staff towards customers, unauthorised change of package

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I enquired about talk packages on 21/06/2009 with zimasa ngema. She forwarded the migration quote through to as requested.

I didn’t contact the call centre back to confirm migration to be done and according to me and your team leaders in the call centers the process is as follows:

1. Customer enquired about packages
2. Migration quote to be send through to customer
3. Customer to sign migration quote and fax back to vodacom or customer to contact call centre and quote migration quotation number before migration is activated
4. Migration is activated

This was indeed not the process zimasa ngema followed. The incorrect process followed is set out below:

1. Customer (Myself) enquired about packages
2. Migration quote send through to email
3. Zimasa ngema migrated my package to talk 120 (21/06/2009)
4. Without my consent, approval or authorisation

If you take this into consideration, firstly zimasa didn’t follow vodacom’s procedures; secondly this was done illegally, this meaning fraud has taken place.

I found out on the 5/07/2009 that I am on a talk 120 package. I contacted the call centre at 7:00am wanting answers on how this happened! Call centre agent confirmed investigation to take place and to listen to the recordings of this conversation.

On 07/07/2009 I received a call from nundi iversen (Zimasa’s supervisor) confirming that the migration was done in error, I requested an apology from zimasa and the apology signed by the ceo of vodacom. This of course was not possible.

I received an email (See attached) from zimasa stating the following: & ldquo; dear miss mullaney, thank you for the time and effort taken to voice your concerns to our department. It is with the co-operation of valued clients such as yourself that we are able to identify any possible improvement areas within our organization. Kindly accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. This is certainly not in line with vodacom's aim in achieving service excellence. And I received a email from nundi stating the following: hi karen
Herewith report as requested. Written apology from zimasa to follow.
Once again, my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I responded on 07/07/2009 with an email to nundi on the findings emailed stating the following: dear nundi
I have read the attached report and would like to raise the concern that some of the facts stated are untrue.
I didn't requested that zimasa migrate me to a talk 120 package as I have in the past upgraded and down graded before and am aware of the procedure of the migration quote to be forwarded to customers. Please
Could you inform me as to where these facts were received and gathered from? I would also like to request a list of the costs that has been changed before the debit order goes off at the end of the month to verify that
It is correct, before I have to have another journey with vodacom on the fighting front.

No response from nundi iversen or zimasa ngema was received and I emailed them again on the 8/07/2009 stating the following: dear zimasa. I responed to your supervisors email on 7/7/09, but had no response. Could someone respond to my emails! Dear nundi I responded to this email on 7/7/09 and requested additional info. I have had no response! Can I have feedback asap!

No response received. I re-mailed the emails send on 08/07/2009. I then contacted the call centre on 111 holding on for the pe call centre as I was not getting response. I was on the phone for 1hour and left a message for nundi to respond.

Email received from nundi on 09/07/2009 stating that the query is still being dealt with, and updates will be given.

I received no response what so ever from nundi from 09/07/2009. I emailed her again on the 15/07/2009 stating the following: dear nundi I am still awaiting response on the email below, sent on 8/7/2009. It is now the 15/7/2009. I have waited a month so far for this query to be sorted out. What is causing the delay?

No response received from 09/07/2009 up and until today from nundi.

I then called vodacom customer care call centre on 21/07/2009 to speak to the credit & risk department to find out when credit will be passed. I spoke to rajan pillay and he confirmed that the retention department is supposed to pass the credit and that the request from credit is being passed on to the credit & risk department and they said it’s not their responsibility and the retention department says it is not their responsibility. I don’t care whose responsibility it is to pass the credit, I have been waiting from a credit since the 5/07/2009!!!

Rajan pillay was very helpful and said I should forward all emails between nundi and zimasa to him and he will deal with it in the morning. I received a response from him on the 22/07/2009 stating the following: hi fyi, rajan pillay. From: nundi iversen, sent: 22 july 2009 06:48, to: rajan pillay; zimasa ngema, subject: re: re: report on incorrect migration hi rajan, a credit note was processed on 20 july 2009 for this customer. It does not reflect on her account yet. Regards, nundi

If the credit was passed on the 20/07/2009, why is it not reflecting on my account yet???

On the 24/07/2009 I contacted the vodacom customer care call centre to again attempt to sort out my query and to find out when credit will be passed.

I spoke to puleng (Call centre agent) she could not assist me and forwarded the call to her team leader dion. Dion confirmed that he will try and get hold of the person in the retention department who is dealing with this query and try to assist. Dion then went to lunch, keeping me on the phone for more than an hour trying to get answers. I then spoke to rasheen (Senior team leader) who confirmed that dion will not be able to assist as he is on lunch for an hour and that I should phone back tomorrow, I confirmed that I will hold on until he gets back as I had enough of vodacom’s staff promising me that my query will be sorted out.

Rasheen then confirmed that mbangeni ntshangasa will be on stand by from 6:00am on 25/07/2009 and that he will contact me after 9:00am to transfer me to ibraham aston who will be able to sort out my query.

At 09:51 mbangeni ntshangasa contacted me with no knowledge of my query. Stating that he is not at work and that my query has to wait until monday. I was a very unhappy customer as I was promised by rasheen that mbangeni will be able to transfer me to ibraham to sort out my query the same day. I told mbangeni that I had enough of promises from vodacom and nothing is being done about my query and that further action will be taken e. G. Taking vodacom to court for fraud and theft. His response in his own words was: so, take vodacom to court, you mos have lots of money. He then started shouting and swearing at me.

This is not any way to treat a customer!!! I have for the last 4 year been paying my account on time and had not once missed a payment and this is the services I am receiving from your staf[censored]

I then phone 111 and spoke to jason ezra in the cape town call centre and he confirmed he will try and get hold of ibraham aston for my query to be sorted out. /
I have to date from 05/07/2009 not been able to sort out my query and not been able to get a credit on this account. This is 20 days now that I have been battling with vodacom.

My complaint is about 3 things:

1. The incompetency of zimasa, changing my package withouth my consent, authorisation or approval
2. The service I received from vodacom in dealing with this query is pathetic as I feel this was a error on vodacom’s side but I must follow up all the time and I must wait until the processes of vodacom has been completed until this query has been sorted out. My way of thinking is vodacom changed my package the same day without my consent, they can change and credit me the same day aswell. Why must I be punished for the consequences of vodacom’s mistake??
3. The way in which your staff talks to customers in particular mbangeni ntshangase even if he is a senior team leader or supervisor, he has no right to shout, swear and be rude to customer the way he was towards me as a client!!!

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  • Ts
      8th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Vodacom customer service pre legal department. Unhelpful customer service agents together with Nhlanhla team leader on 011 653 5000. there service is disgusting and unprofessional.

    Customer services agents dropping your call if you want to speak to a manager.

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