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In the past year our data usage went from 2 gig a month to anything from 2 gig to 10 gig a month when we ask them what is happening we get told that our billing is correct the problem is on our side there can be: spyware; a program running in the backround; a virus ect. All our automatic updates are off there is no spyware virus or anything running in the backround of our computers. Vodacom staff have looked at the computer and we have had our own pepole have a look at them and they cant find anything wrong at all.
We downloaded a file that was going to take 1.62 gig of data when the file had finished downloading we were charged for 3.4gig of data!
We have been having network trouble and the guys told us to move if we want to have beter signal as our modem is picking up a few towers.
I am sick of them always telling us that the problem is on our side when obviously its not and I am fuming cause they told me my network proble wont be sorted till we move non of vodacom staff will pay for me to move will pay for my new house's deposit or anything like that.
I want Vodacom to either sort this problem out asap of shut there doors and admit that they steal from there clients


  • Ci
    Cindi Van Rooyen Sep 26, 2009

    I have to completely agree with you, I bought a brand new pc a few weeks ago with all the latest anti spyware and antivirus on it, I deactivated all of the windows updates so I bought a 3gig data bundle used it as usual and within 2 weeks it was finished, I only received an sms saying that my data bundle was depleted about 12 hours after it was finished so just to test my theory I bought a 500 meg data bundle and did all the exact same things on the internet and not to my surprize that data bundle was only deleted after a week and a half I would love to see them explain their way out of that one, anyhow. I am done with Vodacom data products I am now saving about R20 000 per year using unlimited wifi that only costs me R350 pm

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  • Ra
    Rayno Nov 26, 2009

    I have exactly the same problem with the data ussage and have a friend in the same situation. What can we do about this? I see that Cindi is using wifi; where do i get this product.I am also fed up with Vodacom's stories . Any help out there; it would be greatly appreciated?

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  • Ci
    Cins13 Mar 16, 2010

    Just google wifi service provider in your town, I know @lantic is the most general one.

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  • Zr
    ZR4LP Sep 27, 2010

    Bought a 600Meg bundle on 20/09/2010 on the monday, by Thursnight it was finished. What the F$%^&*

    Usually it last me a month.

    Will go find out what is going on.

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  • Dr
    DreyerSmit Oct 18, 2010

    I have the same issues as described here. My usual data would be about 2.3Gb and there might be a shortfall at the end of the month...but suddenly the last 2 months I have had a huge increase in my data. I went from the usual 2.3Gb to 5Gb and I'm basically doing the same...actually downloading less since I know my usage is up for some reason.
    This is unacceptable. I activated a 1.2Gb bundle today and a few minutes ago received a message saying I've used 89% of it. How?? I checked email!

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  • Ja
    Janine Cane Dec 22, 2011

    So glad its not just me... Vodacom always telling me its my updates etc. We used to have a my meg 500 that would last for just over 3 weeks. We decided that we need more Internet for the kids etc and got the 2Gig promo with a R100.00 limit. Now the 2Gigs last just as long as the 500 megs. No extra downloads - nothing. Now my child still don't have access to the Internet because the 2 gigs is also not enough. And when I got my account - what a surprise!!! My R100 limit doesn't help at all because my account is R558 this month in stead of R149 subscription and R100.00 limit. How can they cut you off IMMEDIATELY when you are on pre-paid, but as soon as it is on account - then they nail you big time...

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  • La
    Laurie-g Apr 22, 2015

    This is my problem exactly. 1G that would of lasted me a month is now lasting less than a week, with backround data and everything switched off. Even after I complained. Totally sick of Vodacom they are the most useless network. And to top it all off my data is getting used but we have no signal at all . It says Im not a registered user. But when its time to pay their ridiculous bill im sure they register me very quickly!!!

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  • Ph
    phakie Apr 07, 2016

    I've purchased Vodacom ZAR 59 data bundles, after vodacoms confirms my recharge I receive a notification saying my data bundle has depleted. I have contacted Vodacom agents. we reached an agreement that my ZAR 59 data bundle will be paid back, surprisingly I receive a notification of ZAR18 airtime when I call customer services agai, they are saying now the data was used. with VODACOM I ve been robbed more times than many but today you've exceeded your doings. can my balance be paid please.

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  • St
    sthembile212 Apr 11, 2016

    I think I have had enough of Vodacom day light robbery when it comes to airtime . I don't get those warning messages that my data is almost depleted and I f I do get it its normally too late cos they just take my airtime just like that. this has been going on for months now... I have had enough, ...

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  • Li
    Lizette Smith Oct 22, 2016

    I'm beyond stressed and could possibly lose my job. In april 2016 I received a laptop and 3G from my work to use for research, online assignment and to complete my procurement and supply chain management diploma. Our companies policy states that devices received may be used for personal reasons but it must be reasonable and not abused. I used the modem for study, online banking, the odd browsing of websites like zando, spree, woolworth etc and when I needed to changed log in details on my Netflix & showmax accounts from April till July 2016 without any issues and a standard account of R166 was received by company. In August I was called in and told that my 3G bill for August was R13 000.00. I was in shocked and confused because I did not change my routine and used the 3G modem for the same reasons as i did the previous months but said I'll pay the money off over 13 months because I felt I'm already gaining as you cant put a price ob good education and the long term benefits. Due to the August bill I was scared to use the 3G modem during September and only used it once or twice a week when I had no other choice. I've NEVER ever used the 3G modem to downloaded any movies or songs and don't even know sites where you download movies! At the end of September I received the shock of my life when I got called by HR and we're informed of the fact that my 3G bill for September is R90 000.00. HR advised that a forensic investigation will take place and requested I sign vodacoms disclaimer for URL information. I refused since the disclaimer states that in signing I admit to the data usage, I can only receivway the information verbally, may not use the received info in any legal matter and that I will not and cannot disclose or discuss the info received regarding the URL info received with anyone. I told HR I'd rather type a letter giving them the right to get the info on my behalf and agreed to assist in any other way. I have since received a notice to attend a hearing as the company believes my negligence caused this massive bill. As per my company the 3G was capped at 1Gig. It's expected of me to get the evidence to proof my innocence and the only way I'll be able to do this is by opening a criminal cases to subpoena vodacom. My income, reputation and independence is at stake and as it's an internal HR hearing they forbid me from opening a civil case. I stand to lone everything I've worked extremely hard for over the last six years and all I can do is situated back and watch. Due to stress Im not sleeping at night and can't even keep food down :(

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  • Ar
    Arno Kutzer Nov 24, 2016

    I just go a bill from Vodacom for R12 000.00 for data they are charging R 1.00 per mB this is daylight robbery do they get away with this Vodacom MUST LOOK AT THIS IN A SERIOUS LIGHT I have been a Vodacom Client for 15 years or more . Who is going to pay for this this need to come out of my pocket ...this is a money making thing and not helping the man in the street

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  • Ka
    Karin Botha Mar 24, 2017

    Is Vodacom addressing this data issue or is it falling on deaf ears???? I somehow managed to use 16MB of data just by looking at my phone untouched on the table within 2mins?!

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  • An
    Antoon Jun 07, 2017

    Is nobody in a position to take Vodacom on? Why do I have to pay for their poor signal transmission is the rural areas of the Western Cape? It seems if my wifi is on while charging and I don't use it, it uses data too. Why is Vodacom not giving any responses to these similar complaints or are they like some politicians that don't give a damn.

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  • No
    Nob... Aug 28, 2017

    I'm sick and tired of vodacom robbing me blin and always getting away with it.
    If it's not this then it will be something else.

    This time I the advanced data bundle, but I don't receive my data. This is now the second month in a row this has happened. Vodacom is a crooked service provider! Sies!

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  • Ta
    Taliban2308 Nov 16, 2018

    My weekly prize show 5 days to go. But I've been getting daily rewards for 6 days consecutively. I mean i waist my data just to get the reward. Clever tactic to trick me.

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