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Vodacom has a bunch of stupid people working in their centres, they don't notify you when necessary, but rather when its too late to do anything about it.

I've sent a fax to the accounts managing director, whom I could not speak directly to, because I was told I have not paid november, one month, but I have made three direct payments through standard bank for previous months and their has been money debited from my account.

Due to their foolishness they have taken it upon themselves to delete my numbers without my knowledge!! What will vodacom do about this because they claim to satisfy customers yet they always have complaining customers...

This will go further than just a complaint..

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  • Ma
      Oct 13, 2008

    To Whom it may concern As from today, i am going to forward THIS email every single day untill i receive my itemised billing via mail to my RESIDENTIAL adress because NO ONE ADHERES to my requests!!! CAN I PLEASEEEEEE GET MY ITEMISED BILLING. READ MY EMAIL BELOW. M. Pretorius

    --- On Mon, 10/6/08, Martie Pretorius <[protected]> wrote:

    From: Martie Pretorius <[protected]>
    Subject: New south africa????
    To: [protected]
    Cc: [protected]
    Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 11:44 AM

    Hope that vodacom reads my subject because im am GATVOL for vodacom. Maybe i should draw your consultants a damn picture!!! I am NOT interested in receiving my statements via email!!! Is it so difficult to understand after speaking to almost 50 consultants over a period of a YEAR that i pleaseeeeeee want my itemised billing sent to me via post????? I have explained to numerous consultants to send my billing via post but STILL nothing. I pay my account every single month and have literally begged to be able to see what i am paying for but nothing. On thursday i spoke to a consultant for 30minutes again and complained, fought and everything you can possibly thought of. Geoffry (the consultant) assured me that i wont be receiving any billings via my email anymore but this morning i received it AGAIN!!! I am a newspaper reporter. Maybe vodacom will adhere to my hundreds of requests if i publish this problem that is going on for a year already. Im sure that MTN will be of better service...

    The email above i sent to Vodacom is only one of soooo many requests, threats, pleads ... call it what you want. I have spoken to so many consultants and received so many promises from them, but still absolutely NOTHING.

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  • Fa
      Oct 27, 2008

    how do i go about or where do i go in to see my itemised billing for my vodacom contract. please respond urgently.


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  • Na
      Mar 02, 2009

    Good day

    I Nazeelah Hassiem would like to log a complaint in connection with the service at the Vodashop Vangate Mall – Athlone – Western Cape branch.

    In January 2009 I requested that I would like to have my cell phone ( HTC S710) face replaced due to it being cracked and scratched. A gentleman by the name of

    Dale (surname unknown) assisted me, he said he was going to book my phone and send it away to have it sorted. I then asked him how long it would take

    And he said 2 – 3 weeks, I said it was ok and ill pay what ever its going to cost because I need my phone A.S.A.P. and fixed.

    Two and a half weeks into the month of January my husband reported that he had received a call from someone at Vodashop stating I need to let them know

    If im ok with the amount that was allocated to have the face of my HTC S710 replaced.

    I called first thing the next morning and spoke to a guy (name unknown) who was very rude and full of attitude, he said my phone has been sent back without

    Being fixed because I didn’t let then know if the price was ok, then I told him but this is the reason for my call and I had told Dale before that I’m will to pay what

    Needs to be paid to get my phone looking decent again. He then said to me, ‘ oh well too late, your phone is here what must I do’….. I asked ….. what can you do because I need my phone

    …… he said he would have to rebook my phone and have it sent away again and it will be ready within the next 2 – 3 weeks, I said im willing to sacrifice another month.

    Half way threw February 2009 I called Vodashop Vangate Mall and I spoke to Dale once again asking if my phone was ready and if my face was replace as I had requested?.

    And Dale said no worries everything is in order and the phone is ready for collection. I was happy when I heard that but I asked if he could hold onto it until I get paid

    At the end of the month then I’ll collect it and said its know problem.

    On Friday 27 February 2009 I went to collect my phone, I was so excited but to my surprise a gentleman by the name of Clayton assisted me and said ‘ Sorry Ms Hassiem

    But your phone isn’t fixed and it seems it wasn’t even sent away…… at that point I couldn’t understand because I spoke to Dale twice in the last week of Feb and repeatedly

    Said everything is fine and my HTC face had been replaced when truthfully it wasn’t. the cracked part of my phone was just glued back in place, my memory card slot cover was missing,

    My phone now has more scratches than the day I took it in, and my blue-tooth isn’t working and it was working the day I took it in. I didn’t want then to do anything else but replace my face

    Now my software seems to be buggered. And im not impressed !!!

    So now I need to know whats going to done about that poor service and my unfixed phone because my phone is ruined and its not even a year old, and they had my phone for 2 long months.

    i am a paying customer and expect the service i deserve.

    Im so angry and disappointed that im will to take further steps.

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