Vodacombad service regarding my number that was ported to mtn without my consent

My Name is Yoliswa Mhlongo and my cellphone number is [protected].
• I received a sms on Monday 26-11-2018time 17:35
• The sms notified that the instruction to port to MTN was received, if I didn't request a port reply with no: 1 or call [protected]
• First I reply with a sms.
• I then immediate called [protected] and notified them that they must block the request because I have sent a request to port.
• The lady I spoke with told me that they received more complaints daily regarding the unauthorized porting and it not their duty to call MTN.
• She then sent a sms with MTN number.
• I called MTN at 08:00, 18-11-2018.
• I asked them to send me the request sent to them in order to port my number.
• They told me that I must report the case to ICASA because they don't have any instruction, instructing them to request a port from Vodacom
• I then asked them to port my number back to Vodacom.
• They reversed the instruction and informed me to call Vodacom and request them to accept the rejection.
• Called Vodacom and spoke to Mpendulo, who accepted the port rejection from MTN.
• He told me to remove my SIM card and all will be normal after 24 hours.
• I did as he requested.
• Morning of the 28th my SIM still shows MTN and I then call Vodacom.
• I spoke to a lady who told me the same thing that the number shows inactive on her side.
• She told me that she logged a call to back office.
• She also told me to remove the SIM again and check after 24 hour.
• She requested an alternative number to brief me before 24 hour is up.
• I gave her [protected] and she never gave me feedback as promised
• Today the 29th, I called again to confirm if I can insert my SIM to my phone to my surprise the lady told me that the number is still in-active.
• She told me that there nothing she can do. She said I must wait for back office to sort out my case.
• I requested the complaint department number and she told me that there no telephone number for that department.
• I asked the ref number and she gave me Ref : EC_1KVW_1E1FMO
All I am requesting is to have my number activated:
• I need to transact on my internet bank account.
• Cannot communicate on urgent family matters
• My business partner cannot get hold of me due to the bad service I received from Vodacom since Monday 26-11-2018.
• My life has been messed up by this and the service I have been receiving is pathetic.
• For the past month Vodacom have been messing up every time I call.

Nov 29, 2018

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