Vodacomairtime and data misuse. and advance airtime and transfer faults.

I am getting very fed up and disappointed with Vodacom. I cannot afford muchairtime but spend airtime so quickly because it gets taken for no reason. For instance. I got R110 airtime . transfered R29 and used the calls and some SMS and 30 meg data . I had R35 left and it got taken in less than a minute saying that my data bundle has run out and I have been paying R2 per MB since 7am yet it only notifies me in a minute saying I have lessthan 20megs than suddenly I have non and all my airtime gets taken. Like that happened over and over and over stating my data is almost finished than finished in less than a minute and them my airtime completely gets jacked. I constantly buy more and more data somedays it lasts a few days and some days just gets taken even when I'm not even on my phone even though background apps and updates are disabled and I leave my data off plus I only use WhatsApp and nothing else unless I have WiFi. This is nonsense . plus last might it said I had 20 megs left and 7rand airtime and them I check my phone today and I have 7mb left and R7 . in less than a min it says I have no airtime or data and I wasn't using my phone for anything !!! Plus my number on my tablet which I also have on a top up data s tablet has R29 airtime and I want to transfer it to my cellphone because vodacom took all my data m airtime off and it won't let me . how do I activate this and when is vodacom going to stop taking my airtime an data when Im not on my phone and in less than a min !!!

Jan 10, 2017

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