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Anthony Nock - [protected]
Vodacom has once again messed up, I am really sick and tired of these big Companies thinking they can get away with ******. They phoned my husband a month ago offering an UPGRADE on our 3G (Check recordings) we would now get more data at a lower cost, he told them to go ahead. A few days later he checked his account and noticed it was NOT an upgrade but a whole new product, he promptly phoned and told them to cancel immediately. Yesterday none of our phones were working and got a message that the account had been suspended. After phoning customer care we were told that it was because the account was over the credit limit because of the new product that was add and the cancellation had not gone through as yet. Firstly - they LIED about the product being an upgrade, then have the cheek to suspend our account for there error, they unlocked the phones last night, GUESS WHAT the phone is again suspended this morning, we have five phones on this account and I am looking at cancelling each and every account !!! Vodacom your services suck and your work ethic even more so!!! - I am going to recommend to each and ever media site I can - DO NOT use vodacom.

Oct 25, 2018
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      Oct 25, 2018

    Hi Vodacom - The query might have been resolved yesterday, BUT ONCE again the account suspended this morning - and this is after a personal call from management yesterday apologising for their mess up... NOT ACCEPTABLE. Should this happen again please note that all contract will be cancelled, without any penalties, as you are in violation of the contract.

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