Vodacom / account and upgrade

Witbank, ZA

Account number I4001982-1. On the 30 September 2016 Vodacom tried to debit my bank account with 3x R 192-66, which was rejected from my side as the bank notified me of unknown debits, the reason for this is the reference number /s starting with "scz". I was contacted by an agent to have an amount of R624-31 debited. This payment was made via eft on 05 November. I contacted the customer service and the phone and tablet was reconnected. The agent told me that I could've upgraded from 07 May 2016 already. I asked if it was ok to go the next day, and it was confirmed. I've been to the Vodacom shop in Highveld Mall witbank on Sunday they couldn't help as the account shows arrears. They then told me to come back on Monday, still showed arrears, I called the customer service again, the agent told me that he will change the status and I could go back within a hour. I went there again today, same story, payment show, but status remain in arrears. I called yet again, the agent I first spoke to hang up on me...called again...agent told me that there is a internal system problem and unfortunately I have to wait. I explained that it is very inconvenient, she said she was not sure when this problem would be solved. The sales consultant at the Vodacom shop shook her head in disbelief. Said that they should've done this when payment was done, and can't believe they are not able to get it sorted.
I'm very disappointed with the matter, as this would've been my very first upgrade.
I feel that there was no problem with this account for the total period of more than 2 years, but now. This is unacceptable as the account is up to date. When will I be able to get the upgrade? Only in another 2 years?

I await speedy feedback on this matter.

Nov 08, 2016

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