Virgin Active South Africabad and inconsiderate service

Virgin Active Maerua Mall Windhoek Namibia
This morning 19 May I went for my usual exercising. At 5:55 the floor exercise area was completely full. 2 people were taking up nearly 4 blocks of space with up to 6 people sharing the same space in the rest of the area. I asked the 2 people (who packed out 4 steps, their cell phones, etc over these nearly 4 full blocks) whether they can please move their things slightly to give me space to exercise. They refused saying that they are doing a circuit and need all the space. Another lady offered to move nearer to the edge and I squeezed in next to her. We then just asked each other when we wanted to do an exercise (eg leg extended to side) whether it is OK. She was very considerate and kind.
I spent 40 minutes in the floor area. During that time the 2 gentlemen spent less than 10 minutes using any floor space in the floor area. The rest of their circuit was done elsewhere. They used the 2nd set of steps 2x - both times jumping over 10x. They thus used the space for the 2nd sets of steps for 20 jumps each.
Between 5:55 and 6:10 3 of my friends could not find floor space to exercise on and had to find something else to do. Later on there was sufficient space available in the floor area, but until 6:15 it was crowded.
At 6:35 I again approached the 2 gentlemen. The one said his name is Smiley. I said that I found their behaviour inconsiderate as they did not efficiently used the space and were not willing to share as the other people were willing to do. They differed in opinion and felt entitled to "book" the space with equipment while busy elsewhere in the room.
I was told in the bathrooms that the one person is the Manager and the other one a personal trainer, but I do not know if it is true.
Kindly investigate. Surely staff should set the example for sharing and being considerate and surely staff should not choose one of the busiest times to "book" space for themselves.

  • Updated by Adnam · May 19, 2017

    Kindly train your staff in customer relations - the customer should come first and Management should be there to look after the customers and be of service.
    Thank you

May 19, 2017

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