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renton wa, US
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End of august we found a house we wanted, got prepared with our us bank Loan officer, everything looked good. Appraisal went well, needed a few inspections on electrical and roof, which was fine. We got those done but then the underwriter wanted bids to fix small items on list. Outlet covers, new floors, things we were already going to fix upon moving in. So we immediately hired two contractors to give us a bid, as our closing date approached we asked sellers for extension because no one could get hold of the underwriter to sign off on things Seller agreed to extend closing for another week and half but we needed to be done by that time was over and they charged us 150.00 a day ...

Here we are after the extension will only 2 days left before they cancel our contract and STILL no word from the underwriter after 15 emails and trying to contact her supervisor and NOTHING. So as she drops the ball and just allows us to lose our house we have been working towards for 4 months now ALL because she doesn't respond or do her job.

We will not be using US bank for our home loan for our next purchase attempt. No one else should either.

Nov 23, 2016

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