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I received a phone call last week from an attorney stating that I need to call him back asap. I have cleaning up my credit for the past year so this worried me. I check my credit every year to ensure that I am not missing anything. I called the attorney, which was extremely rude, he stated that I owed US Bank 1900.00 as of last year! What? I haven't done business with this bank in over 2 years, never once received a notice that there was an outstanding balance and it is not reflected on any one of the 3 credit reporting agencies. He stated that he was going to file for a wage garnishment in two weeks. I told him that I was legally entitled to an itemized detail of the account. He then stated that he wasn't going to do the work for me. I told him that I didn't even know where to start, he said call US Bank but they will probably tell you to call Regent. I asked him who has the information? He then stated again to call US Bank but they will probably have me call Regent. I asked him who Regent was, he stated his client. I then stated that if they are your client, you must have their number. He finally provided me with the phone number. I stated that I couldn't make a payment on something I knew nothing about. He was adamint that they sent notification 15 days ago. I am the only one in my house aside from my children and I am the only one with a mailbox key. He stated that I was refusing to pay. I then told him that I never stated I wasn't going to pay, it simply caught me off guard as everything is being taken care of on my credit report. I then called Regent to speak to a guy that was flirting with me the entire time. He stated that I need to reach into my left shoe and pull out $500.00, then reach into my right shoe and pull out $500.00, then hit up my man for the other $500.00 and they will settle it. Number one, what in the hell does my man have anything to do with a company contacting me 2 years later stating that I owe them? Second, who in the hell has $1500.00 just lying around now and days? After speaking to Regent, I was told to call US Bank in Fontana and speak to the branch manager only. I spoke with the branch manager and they stated I would need to go into the bank to obtain the information I needed. The US Bank in Fontana is about 20 minutes from me. Why should I have to go to the branch? I have never had these problems with any other company. I guess I will just have to wait until they take me to court and bring it up to the judge. It is basically their word against mine when it comes to them contacting me, as I stated this is not on my credit report so how would I know that I owe them money when I have never received a statement?

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  • Lm
      Oct 27, 2009

    I am going through the exact same thing right now! I asked for a bill to prove I own them and they told me it would take a week? WTF and that interest would stil acure! they just sent me over the "bill" which is only a letter threatening to sue me! REGENT IS THE WOREST COLLECTION COMPANY! They have no idea what they are doing and think people are dumb enough to just do whatever they tell you to!

    Friday was the first time they contacted me, the account closed over a year ago and they are just now contacting me?

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  • Fr
      Nov 14, 2009

    I had an account with US Bank for 15 years and I really liked them...until earlier this year. Apparently when I paid my power bill I over drew my account, and the online bill pay service I used resubmitted and kept resubmitting this bill even though I paid it myself. Next thing I know, I get notification from US Bank that my account is closed. Six months later I am getting non-stop calls from a collections agency on late fees I owe a bank for something they never even paid...I am PISSED

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  • Wr
      Sep 18, 2010

    Regent tried the same..failed to produce any paper work still to this day..gave em my address over 5 times and about 8 months ago. They sasaid they will sue me and I laughed. I refuse to pay let em take me to court and they still won't get anything...they can't garnish wages unless u have been on ur job for a year...when they try ill simply change jobs and they will have to wait another year! Ha ha ill keep doing this for one can produce paperwork or I would pay it...I was part of the people done wrong by hebron auto sales scandal...bought a car from hebron auto and they could come up with a title for the car, I lost my car job and home due to that scandal...hebron drained my bank account and closed down car got repo and got paid off I even told them what happened and they said if I sent them a police report they would leave me I obtained one call to ask where to fax it to...some idiot jumped on the phone told me that it didn't matter if I have a police report or not I need to way in helli will Pay now I won't have a bank account ever again I refuse to have somave some one control my only now for me...told them if they want it that bad come get it ill pay in one showed up. Good thing cause I would have made em vanish...and prolly wouldn't be an open casket funeral let em take me to court...

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