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On 2/10/17 I called the credit card help line to inquire why I had received a credit card I did not ask for.
I was greeted by an automated response telling my all agents were busy.
8 minutes later my call was answered. The agent began speaking before the connection was complete so I got a monotone garble and ‘what is your account number’. No hello. No how can I help you. No my name is. Just robotic ‘what is your account number’?
Mind you it’s already been types in.
Before I waited the 8 minutes.
I gave the number. This person was not happy at her job. And I was not happy to have waited 8 minutes and be greeted by such a nasty person. So I can be nasty right back. She asked for further information in a snotty tone. I asked for her supervisor. She refused until I finished giving her all the information.
Now I am getting more irritated. You will not refuse an escalation because you are not satisfied!
When I forcefully pushed the issue, she refused her name. She finally conceded and put me on hold..
For 11 minutes.
I hung up because I had to take a call.
I then tried to call US Bank Corporate. [protected].
Call answered by Ricky. When I told him I was very angry and needed to talk to someone at an executive level, he put me into someone’s voice mail.
I hung up.
I called again and talked to Ricky. He was not very patient and put me thru to a different voice mail box.
I hung up.
I called again to Ricky. He yelled at me for being mean to him. He is now aggravated and I VERY angry. He put me on hold for over 12 minutes then transferred me into a general queue.
I hung.
I called Ricky again several times. Now he is just putting me on hold without even taking my calls.
I waited about 10 minutes and called form a different number. I demanded to speak to a human immediately. Ricky laughed. And snorted.
He finally put me thru to the credit card office of the president.
I was connected with Andy Vredenburg. This was a very poor encounter. Andy refused to address my complaints about customer service. Kept wanting my credit card number. Kept saying Oh we’ll look into it. He was very obstructive to resolving my complaint. When I demanded escalation he stated he was the highest person at US bank I could talk to.
Refused to give the name of his manager.
Refused to have his manager call me.
Refused to address Ricky’s behavior.
Refused to give me the name of Ricky’s supervisor.
This seems to be a common theme at US Bank.
I am DEMANDING a call from the vice president of the credit card section and the vice president over the business unit that governs the telephone operators. I have had multiple horrible experiences with US Bank.
I am just a small time customer.
I know we don’t mean much to you.
But it is now my mission to be heard and I will keep making an issue of this! It’s the principle of the issue and the way the average customer is treated.
I may be reached at 440.554.5222. I expect a call no later than close of business 2/14/2017
02/22/2017. The above call did not occur
I did receive a phone message from a ‘Leanne Knot’ (sp) on 2/13 and again on 2/15. Both times asking me to return her calls. I have placed 9 calls to her and left messages but no further attempts have been made to reach me.
I did speak with a branch manage and the regional director. They did assist me in getting the card closed but have not been able to facilitate my complaint about service. I was told that ‘Leanne’ was the highest – best person to talk to. On 2/17 I was also told that Andy Vredenburgs manager was to call me. As of today 2/22/17, no one from any part of US Bank has attempted to reach out to me.
Again I am demanding escalation and a personal phone call at the number above.
Received a call from ‘Brandy Krachmer’ at corporate communications.
Brandy was very polite, but refused to accept that I wanted to speak to specific persons in the organization.
I am not sure what her exact position was (she would not tell me), but she felt she had the authority to question my motives and reasons for requesting to speak to executive and department managers about the behavior of their employees. I don’t feel that I owed a clerk in communications the reasons for my escalation requests. She felt differently.
At this point in the process I am no longer very polite myself.
After approx. 10 minutes of arguing, she attempted to completely shut the conversation down and proceeded to hang up on me and would not return subsequent phone calls.
Still no return calls from ‘Leanne Knot’ (sp), or responses to any emails I submitted.
Still no return calls from Leanne Knott. Many messages left
Brandy Krachmer has sent me a letter indicating that she will NOT honor my original requests. I am not sure who she is or what authority she has – she would never share that.
I am not accepting her opinion of how the issues should or should not be handled. I will continue to reach out and speak with the managers involved.
Remember – this could have all been avoided with a little customer care up front. But US Bank insists on maintaining their position of arrogance and indifference.

Mar 14, 2017

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