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S Nov 15, 2017

On November 14, 2017 my wife and I were on the line to discuss our over due account balance. We spoke to Janet who used as an identifier 314/216-4247. She called me and asked that I have my wife call her, as the account was in my wife' name, to give Janet permission to speak with me about the account. Janet put my wife on the line, who had already given Janet the permission to discuss the account with me, and I was patched into the call. As my wife was at work and I was home for the day, I asked that my wife be able to leave the call as permission was already given.
The first thing Janet did was to say my wife had to be on the call to answer questions. I asked if that wasn't the reason for her to get my wife's permission to allow Janet to speak with me. From this point on, with my wife on the call, Janet essentially ignored me, rudely so.
ISSUE #1 - Janet preceded to speak with my wife and ignored my spoken comments. If a question was asked, there was a silence on Janet's end until my wife parroted my response. This went on throughout the entire conversation. Along the way, my wife and I questioned why my wife had to remain on the call since permission was given. To Janet's behavior I attribute one of two reasons: She was inexperienced in her job and did not act in accordance with the permission given for me to speak with her about the account; or she was just being rude and a pain for her own reasons.
ISSUE #2 - My wife is not as experienced in the matters being discussed. Since I have a been understanding of the involved business, I responded to the questions. Again, knowing permission had been given for Janet to speak with me. Janet repeatedly (many times) made the comment she HAD to hear the response from my wife. She was just not true. She started to get rude and I ceased to speak, staying on the line to listen.
Her conduct and behavior were unprofessional, rude and actually outside the perimeters of US Bank rules to speak with a person, other than the account holder, when permission to speak about the account with the card holder. If I could, I would have filed a complaint with US Bank directly.
Thank you,
Steve Myrick
408/981-4368 (cell)

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