Us Bank Car Lease / turning in car, horrible empoloyee

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I had heard really bad things about us bank leases, just before I turned my car in. I was hoping these were just angry people, was not true!! The representative that check out my car was impolite and unfriendly - to say the [email protected]!!! His name is robert grunau and talked to me grudgingly. I will never lease from us bank again! I am a mom, with a perfect car. I rented from mercedes before, and they were great - very straight forward - no scatches bigger that a credit card. Us bank has strange rules!!! Do not lease a car from us bank.

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      Sep 17, 2011
    US BANK CAR LEASE - Bad online service for leasing account
    US Bank
    United States

    I tried to make an online payment for my Volvo car lease and I double checked the account number. I also called them and I was told that everything was fine. Today I happened to find that there was no transfer and they insisted that I inputed the wrong number. I loged in and could not find any evidence in the website. This service is really bad and don't use it. It will be really the hastle that I have to go to their branch physically.

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      May 16, 2012

    I just leased a 2012 Volvo and of course since Volvo does not handle their own leases anymore US Bank is who I have to deal with. I have not made my first payment yet and I already see US Bank sucks in a bad way! I have leased 2 Jaguars, Mercedes and my last car was an Audi and they all handled their own leases which is a much better experiece for the lease holder. US Bank has no information available on their website and the so-called "lease department" when you call barely knows anything! I can't believe Volvo would have such representation...I have learned a valuable lesson...I will NOT lease another Volvo! US Bank is useless and Volvo needs to reconsider taking on their own leases again.

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