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US Bank / sequential fee errors!

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Cincinnati, OH [protected]

My account at US Bank is a direct deposit account. The balance went low, and before I could put a cash deposit in it went to a negative amount under $3; so I deposited a cash amount of $100. The cash deposit was held as "pending". I realize they do this with checks but cash should be immediately added; when I emailed them with that question they did not have a valid answer. I also included the situation in the email, as the account was then charged four times, with varying amounts over $31 for overdrafts. The online statement I receive from Internet Banking with them only shows that there were charges pending when I made the cash deposit of $100. I emailed them a copy of that statement to point out, those charges were added from "pending" to an applied balance before the CASH deposit was considered. In other words I rushed down to the bank when I saw it was going to a negative balance, deposited $100, and the consequences proved my actions were for nothing. However, they would not consider crediting the amounts back to my account when I told them about the $100 cash. This was not the first time US Bank had a sequential error when it came to a fee with my account. It's just the previous time they refunded the fees back into my account. Their responses sent to me with amounts are in conflict with the my statement; I sent them it through email to clarify. The timing I made deposits and charges on my account with my statement do not show the same. I did some research and found former employees telling of these kind of practices, and other similar complaints. I can gladly submit to you my own statements, unaltered, received from online banking... and... the websites of those whom have major complaints about US Bank.

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  • Ch
      13th of Aug, 2007
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    The exact same thing happened to me. All said and done I lost 300 dollars due to their choice on how to handle the order of debits and deposits. I'd made deposits days before a debit and the debit would always go through first if it would cause me to overdraft. Don't even get me started on their credit card, which I'm at wits end with. The payment date changes at random every month, and they still won't send me my statements after I've moved, so I have no idea of knowing when my payments are due. Of course, if I'm late, there's extra fees, so it's in their best interest to keep me in the dark.

  • Ja
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    I too ran into the same situation. Mine was the order of running expenses first and then deposits. My direct deposit hits ever Friday night and one night I waited until it hit midnight (from Thursday to Friday) so I would be on the same day my direct deposit hit... and sure enough I find out the next day I overdrew by $1.36 and was charged $31 overdraft fee. I emailed customer service and basically got the run around and was told they would not reimburse my overdraft fee for my error. I explained it was their shady withdraw/deposit schedule that caused me to overdraft and still would get the same garbage response. I have a friend that USED to work at US Bank and said the company blatantly admits to their employees that, that is how it is done to make money. Does anybody know of any banks that run the daily deposits for before running the expenses? Please feel free to email me.

  • He
      19th of Dec, 2007
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    That is why I stopped banking with them. I would get paid on friday- Buy something friday afternoon and on sat I have an overdraft fee bcause my Deposit was pending!

  • Di
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    It is simple; if you didn't spend money that you didn't have, you wouldn't get an overdraft charge.

    Balance your checkbook!

  • Sh
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I currently have an account with US Bank and on 08/19/09 I made a deposit at 2:30am and then at the same time made a withdrawl of $60.00. Later on that day I call my personal banker and asked what my account balance was at 1:00pm and was told that it was positive $38.00 and $37.00 of it was available. Today I looked at my account and they charged me $35.00 three times for the transaction that was done at the atm. I called and complained and they advised me that there was a check that was returned on my account and that is why they charged me. I have my receipt from the atm and there was a positive balance, however they are trying to tell me that when I made that withdrawl and deposit at the atm that i was $418.00 overdrawn. THEY ARE CROOKS, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT AT 1:00pm I was positive $38.00 on 08/19/09 and that at 2:38am on the 19th I was negative $418.00 that does not even make any sense!!!

  • Cl
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    deposits are processed after charges

    yeah thats right you still get the over drafts on all of them

  • Fa
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    On 8-17-2010 Wife phoned me to deposit online cash advance, ( got two bad tires had to replace )did all the steps including Ok click and saw the updated balance, today the 18th Bank phoned with overdraft Fees, we made the mistake of not copying to word doc or printing transaction, 1st they claim we did not go to online acct. at all, then they found it after many calls and debates, then finally they claimed I did not do the third step, when i asked what the 3rd step was they could not explain! I am so upset i could eat that Building! I will Lobby Wife until we change Banks, NO MORE US BANK BULL!!!

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