US Bankauto refinance loan

My husband and I went to US Bank to refinance his auto LOAN, which was in his mother's name (simply because his mother had better credit at the time of the LOAN). We explained that this was a very touchy issue, as his mother is literally psychopathic --- we had to serve a Cease & Desist letter on her because of her actions. The bank said no problem and proceeded with the LOAN.

From there everything became a nightmare. First they made out the check not to Ford Credit, but to HIS MOTHER! Who the hell does that?? I don't work in a bank and even I know you make the payoff check out to the lienholder. Then there were forms not signed, not signed properly, delays, oh we forgot to have you sign this form, on and on. This process has now dragged out for NINE MONTHS! We emphasized that this needed to be taken care of ASAP, due to the unstable mental state of his mother, as well as for our own peace of mind, yet at every turn there have been mistakes, mishaps, "oopsies" and you name it. We've talked with the bank manager several times, and all she does is offer insincere apologies.

This matter has literally made my husband and me nervous wrecks from the stress. We've now spoken with the district manager about their horrid customer service, and while he listened sympathetically and assured us he'd take care of it, little to nothing has been done. We're still waiting, even after they assured us they'd get that last "forgotten form" turned in to the county right away, yet they took another two weeks before doing so. It's become so ludicrous, it's almost laughable --- except for the extreme stress of this situation.

If we could, we'd sue them for all the pain and suffering they've caused us. LOANs don't go through overnight, but there's no reason it should have taken NINE MONTHS.

We've made it clear how much pain this situation has been causing us, and CONTINUES to cause us until it's settled, yet the most we get is an apology with the same sincerity you'd get from the Target clerk who says they're sorry they're out of the toilet paper you normally buy. When we mentioned compensating us for all the incredible stress they've caused, the bank manager Sharin simply laid her hands on her desk, looked at me and said, "Well, what DO YOU WANT me to do?" As if to say, "well, what DO YOU WANT ME to do about it?" She didn't give a rat's behind.

We want this to be over, so badly, yet US Bank doesn't give a ###. Their attitude literally makes me want to vomit. I've been with this bank for 15 years, yet this is how they treat their "valued" customers. Seriously looking for another bank.

May 08, 2017

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