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UPS / refuses to deliver to my house

1 Fayetteville, AR, United States Review updated:

I have lived in this house for 7 months now, it's a rental that is situated just outside of city limits. I'm not sure if this it UPS's "issue" of why they won't deliver packages to this address, even though I have a normal address and not a rural one. As soon as I moved in here I had ordered a new modem for my internet service which was sent via UPS. I waited and waited and waited some more before finally contacting the company who was supposed to send my modem. They had told me it shipped right away, 2 day service and I had been waiting for over 2 weeks for it to deliver. They could not tell me why it didn't deliver but after much searching on their part, they discovered my modem was sitting at the UPS "hub" located in Springdale waiting for ME to pick it up. UPS had notes on my shipment stating that I had declared that I would be picking it up. NO, I had stated that to anyone, and WHO would I have said that to? I never told AT&T that I'd rather pick it up, I never told UPS that I would rather pick up my packages at their very inconvieniently located hub in another town. There was never a notice from UPS, a call from UPS, nothing from UPS to let me know that my package had been hanging out at their hub for over 2 weeks just waiting for ME to pick it up.
I asked them to re-deliver the package, they stated they would the next day, next day goes by, still no UPS. Mind you, I am a stay at home Mom, so there is no way that they showed up to my house and they "missed me". I was here, they never showed up. I called the hub again and they said that it did go out for delivery, but it came back to the hub for me to pick it up, per MY INSTRUCTIONS. NO, those were NOT my instructions. All I wanted was my package to be delivered and they, UPS the delivery service, would not deliver to my house, no reason why other than they had "instructions that I would pick it up". No matter how many times I stated the fact that I had never, ever said that and again, to whom would I say that? I had to find the hub and pick up my package, now 3 weeks overdue. And I later discovered that AT&T had charged me $24 for overnight delivery!! At least AT&T were understanding enough of this ridiculous delivery situation with UPS that they did remove the fees. UPS offered me no answers while I was picking up my own package and asked why it wouldn't deliver to my address. NO reply from the lady behind the counter. She just kind of shrugged me off, in that "I just work here" attitude.
Now I placed an order with and they use UPS in some cases. I've been waiting for delivery of a few packages and finally tracked the orders. They are once again sitting at the UPS hub, waiting for ME to pick them up after stating they had gone "out for delivery" last week. Here we go again...
I will NEVER use the UPS service if I can avoid it. I wish Amazon would offer a choice of shipping services.

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  • Fi
      12th of Oct, 2010
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    I will stop using UPS for sure!!

  • Ro
      17th of Jul, 2017
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    I have a similar situation except that they always claim "exceptional weather conditions" as the reason they did not deliver. You know, there were some clouds on the horizon and it was a little chilly out. I spoke to the manager at our regional distribution center. He told me UPS' policy is that the driver has all discretion which packages they do or do not deliver. So if you live too far down the road and it is inconvenient for them for one reason or another they are under no obligation to deliver your package. So ultimately it depends on your local driver whether they try hard or not. I live almost 1 hr drive (each way) from their distribution center so it is a pain to have to drive down there all the time.
    Since a lot of vendors don't give you an option which carrier they use, I asked UPS is they can just make it official and refuse any packages addressed to me, but no they said they will continue to take the money and the package and not deliver.
    I'm flabbergasted by their indifference and will avoid using them at all cost .. I also don't do business with online retailers who ship UPS.

  • Ma
      19th of Jul, 2017
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    Read the comments in Facebook under UPS a very lazy company. They do deliver all the big stuff but the small goods they put always to a hub and they do lie about that. But we can prove it. They refuse to bring us the small goods. It happened to me several times. And they do laugh at you when you tell them you would tell your lawyer that they did not fulfil their contracts they have with us. DON'T WORK WITH UPS

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