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UPS / management

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to all those that complain about UPS, 99.9% of complaints should go towards management. if you want to talk about people that dont give a ### then these are the people to complain about. i am a 16 year veteran with this company and management truly does not care about its employees and customers. its all about the numbers, put as many stops as you can on a driver and let him/her deliver all day and night. for all of you wondering why you see a ups driver so late at night its because management decides to overload a driver with work and leave him/her out there until he/she finishes. the drivers do care about their customers and want to give them the best service possible, but sometimes the job gets stressful, hard, or very tiring that the customer will get overlooked. you see UPS MANAGEMENT is like the BUSH ADMINISTRATION they dont care, they do as they please, there is no need to answer to you, they will happily take your money so as they sit on their fat ### as they await their bonus checks, and who cares about the employee. its the employees problem that they have a customer all up in their face. remember a driver will do as they are told by management. if not it is considered not working as directed and can be an automatic termination. for those of you that complain that a driver did not make an attempt, believe me they did, the last thing we want to do is go back to the same address the next day to try and deliver the same package. we have too much work to want to do that. also if a driver leaves a note on your door and tells you that he/she will deliver your package the next day by a certain time and they dont show up by that time, then i can almost guarantee that the driver has a huge work load put on by management. i can go on and on but i will stop for now and talk to all of you later, but remember, it is NOT the EMPLOYEE it is the EMPLOYER.

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  • Up
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    That explains why my packages NEVER get delivered and calls to UPS are USELESS!!! I wish UPS would just GO OUT OF BUSINESS COMPLETELY! USPS is the only dependable and affordable delivery service.

  • An
      30th of Aug, 2008
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    I believe you. My UPS Carrier is a really nice guy but I understand they work really hard and its up to them if/when they get through.

  • Br
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    That's ###! I caught one ### who ignored my note on the door to knock hard and started writing on that damn piece of yellow paper. When I asked him why didn't he knock all he said was sign this gave me my package and left. How rude was that? Maybe if they quit working there the managers would start conducting business in the right manner. They are adding on to the problems. Period! I hope this piece of ### business falls under real fast. USPS, DHL and FedEx is the way to go! Use UPS and you're going to have problems people. Trust me I'm dealing w/ the ### now and I'm not letting up until I get some answers on why this has happened to me 6 times. I can't help if a company I go through wants to deliver from them but now that this has happened 6 times I will no longer purchase from anyone who uses these people. I don't have time to sit at home all day to see those ### drive off and never knock while I'm still without a package. You can stick up for this company all you want but the problem is still with all that are involved w/ this company and that goes for the stupid drivers too that refuse to do their job. If you can't do it right or feel under pressure then quit. Why make people unhappy and have to deal w/ issues when they really shouldn't? Again if anyone reads this don't use UPS!

    B Davis

  • So
      27th of Jun, 2010
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    UPS is a very abusive work enviorment i've been working there for 6 years. Everyday I'm threatened with termination, and harrassment if I don't do things their way and only their regardless if unethical illegal just do it. You need to get these packages out of here. Management is corrupt from top to bottom. Mangement encrouges the employees to be dishonest. I did'nt realize how corrupt UPS is, until I got disqualifed as a NYPD recurit. If any UPS employee reads this and is considering going into law enforcement your UPS history will be demerits on your evaluation. Law enforcement will give you a list of 46 laws. You will have to write down everyone one of those laws you broke regardless if you got caught or not. Because during the evalution process you will be asked if you broke anyone of those laws. Keep in mind you will hooked up to a lie dector and behavioral psychologist will be asking you questions. You can't lie because you will be caught. Two things UPS teaches it's workers is forgery, and lying is necessary. You will forge shippers signature and lie to investigators, those two things as an employee you do constantly. Those two things will get you disqualified from law enforcement. If you want to get in law enforcement you need to break those habits. Which you will know will not happen as long as you are employed by UPS. Their is only way out you quit. Before you quit call you union steward and document you attempted to stop the unethical behavior. The company will retaliate against you by harrassing you until you quit or get fired. As long as you have a papertrail. You're Law enforcement evaluation will show you have somekind integrity becuase you attempted to stop the unethical behavior.

  • Ma
      2nd of Oct, 2010
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    ups sucks [censor] you there supervisors are [censor]ing gay, they all can die at ups they overwork employees and their [censor]ing drivers all they do is [censor]ing complain about the preloaders man [censor] you [censor]ing drivers [censor] you piece of [censor], i hate ups with a passion overworking cheap [censor] dont want to pay thier employees enough..

  • Er
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    I am a 24 year driver and I had a supervisor start stuffing packages into my truck with his shoulder, packages I might add that were not even for my route and I said "those are not even my stops there is no way I can get all this [censor] done today your screwing me" and his reply is indicative of just how management thinks and will forever be in my memory as if it happened yesterday. "You know what Eric? I couldn't care less when you get finished and do you wanna know what? Because at 12 o'clock I will be at home sleeping and we will still be making money" I clocked out at 10:20 pm I had 156 stops, 320 pcs on a p500 in 9 cities and 2 counties and had 15 stops that I couldnt deliver before they closed at 5pm and sent 18 different messages all day long telling management I wasnt going to be able to finish by 5 pm. In the end management denied me ever sending a message and I was fired after filing a greviance I got my job back 6 days later and in the hearing to get my job back I asked my boss 1 simple question. What was my ETA? His reply was (after going through his papers) was 8:30 then you changed it to 9:30-10 pm and I said well you must have gotten 2 messages because I didn't call and it was at that point that ups labor attoney instructed him to and i quote "just shut Charlie" as that too is forever burned into my memory. This is why I hate UPS and their strong arm dishonest tatics. We lie, we fry. they lie, they get promoted.

  • Br
      31st of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    UPS is a joke!!! I agree with some of what these UPS workers said, but disagree too. I live near 2 UPS drivers. One, works hard and is home every night kinda late but makes it home by 7 every night. The other, who complains quite a bit, does not get home til well after 8:30 or 9 every night. I agree they are overloaded with packages etc. BUT the one that gets home late---he meets women to have sex in his truck about 3 times a week on average. I know this for a FACT. he brags about it. He will scan packages right before, once or twice during his "visit" and he gets paid lunches, and gets paid for an extra hour. NOT because he is so overloaded with parcels, because he is having sex on company time. When i tried to tell UPS this, they did not care. THAT is where I agree, UPS does not care that their workers have sex in their trucks, as long as their truck gets emptied every day. What a joke. Brian Beauvais-the driver is making some pretty crazy cashif you ask me, he is getting paid overtime to have sex--UPS knows and does NOTHING???? JOKE!!!

  • Be
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    Oh my God!! My UPS friend says the same sex stuff goes on in his building! There is a running contest with the drivers and the supervisor is on it. UPS gets the job done alright

  • Ni
      19th of Mar, 2011
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    I agree with this person. I worked for ups-scs(a bought company) which use to be Emery Forwarding. Emery had a good and honest relationship with the people until UPS bought us. After that, it was do it this way or you get fired, or something else. We were told not to vote or join a union or we would get fired. We were told that if we joined a union, we would be terminated immediately.
    I took my new husband in one day to meet the people that couldn't come to my wedding. Some person(who said she is your friend and has your back) stabbed me in the back by telling my boss that I brought my husband in to beat his butt. Well, I got called into human resources and was placed on admin, leave pending investigation. Another person, threatened with termination lied to them and told them that I was talking about creating another Columbine incident, and I was fired on Friday at 4:50 p.m. I now have a lawsuit with them for wrongful discharge and harrassment. UPS is the worst employer to work for unless you are a butt kisser and a liar.

  • Do
      28th of Dec, 2012
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    Unfortunately no one cares, i was a team leader in KY for ups scs, i was fortunate enough to find a job elsewhere after 5 years of hell there, they are the most horrid set of people i have ever worked with, most workers are lazy as they have worked out that if you are a hard worker you do not get rewarded, you are just expected to do more and more and more until exhaustion or injury, everyone is so scared of losing their job that they stab each-other in the back and constantly lie about one-another to take the heat off of themselves, the same is true for both junior and senior management, they will never address an issue that could make them look bad in any way, they will never stick there necks out to help anyone, those with a decent moral compass who try to do the right thing do not last long, supervisors are trained to lie to employees if that is what it takes to make service and those who are truthful also lost their jobs quickly, i had close to 10 supervisors in less than five years and most were fired (some of these though as they had been there 5-15 years that they could do the right thing as they had been there so long and that UPS would back them, oh nononono). You are not threatened directly with losing your job if you join a union, but it is made clear on the quiet that they will find a different excuse to fire you, you are however reminded often that in the state of Kentucky an employer has the right to terminate your employment at any time without giving a reason, i don't know whether this is true (if it is it is wrong and unethical on a whole different level) but they sure do like to remind you of this often, do not work for this employer unless it is this or your family lives out on the streets, if you are single and have no one to look after, go find a cardboard box to live in, trust me, its a better decision than working for this company, i kid you not.

  • Pr
      29th of May, 2013
    +1 Votes

    The nerve of you so called human beings. My b/f works non stop for UPS and it's one of the most stressful and nonstop jobs!! I'm disgusted at how some of you ppl talk about these workers who not only have to drive huge trucks but also have to lift carry and delivery "packages of things" that we don't need when we die, to homes and businesses. I'm nearly 30 and now a days a job like this on a everyday basis, can cause a lot of health problems. Ppl are so selfish now a days it makes me sick to my stomach! For all of you that sit on your ### and complain about ppl who have to be on their feet for more than 10 hours are really a disgrace for human beings. Have a little heart and consideration for these men and women who are out in hot cold rain and snow!!!

  • Gr
      18th of Dec, 2013
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    @Proudmama2008- Get over yourself. Many of us also have are problems, stress and overbearing work conditions. While it's true people outside this field act like entitled [censored]es (I work retail so I know that feeling), many of us actually sympathize with our fellows who are tirelessly playing their role as a cog for their company because we're doing the same.

    However, the line is drawn when in my case, the petulant man child of a UPS worker throws a an elementary schooler fit at my staff and myself for not being their to pick up packages after HE failed to arrive at his usual time and we had far more tasks piling up in the back. It was jarring to watch as he cussed up a storm acting like he's the only person on the whole planet whose swamped with multiple-tasks upon tasks and worse off, trying to act as if he's in the position to down to us? Comparing his job to ours? Really? How old are we here? Don't like your job? Quit. Otherwise, grow a pair and suck it up.

    I'm well easily sympathetic towards those are working hard and in unfair conditions since I have that sense of humanity however, I'm not gonna sit and be some gutter trash's stress ball. No one should. It goes both ways.

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