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UPS / the worst delivery service!

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United parcel service is the very worst delivery service out there!. Twice they've lost my items, do they call me, and let me know, no. They must think the world revolves around them. I've lost business because of their very late deliveries. I ordered a package from n. Y., and was delivered by dhl in 2 days. If I were to use ups, it would take 5-6 days to get here, and I wouldn't see it until around 6 pm. The funny thing is, they're union, and still they're half-#!

Basically, if I had to choose between, the post office, and ups, i'd go with the post. Not only that, the post is faster than ups, and more respectful.

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  • Am
      15th of Dec, 2006
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    I am very disappointed with UPS. I have wasted 2 weeks without my product. I have made no less than 10 phone calls, and I have lost $100 of product and time and effort since then.

    From now on, I will avoid using UPS to send my product. And I will relate my story to anyone or website that will listen. I guess I'm not the only one this happens too.

    Apparently your trace process is broken. I hope this email reaches the right people who can fix it. This is no way to run a business. You are wasting your time and money, as well as mine. If your competition is more competent, they will benefit.

    I recently sent you a thank you about one of your employees Catryn (858)541-6085. I should have waited until she actually did something, before I thanked her.

    She called me last Thurs Dec 7, 2006. She said a UPS driver would be there that afternoon. No show. I called back late Friday after another no show. Her assistant told me to wait til Monday, to be sure. Monday, no show. On Tues, Dec 12, 2006, someone called me from UPS (didn't write down the name) and said they would send a driver. No show. I called on Wednesday late. Catryn's assistant, Karen, told she
    had just sent a request to the driver to bring something for me to sign saying that I didn't receive the package. No show. I called Thur. Catryn wasn't there. Karen took a message and told me that Katryn would call me back that day. She didn't. So, finally, I called on Thur (today). Catryn wasn't there again. I spoke with Karen who said she would call me back in an hour. She didnt. So, just before writing this email, I called again. Again, Catryn wasn't there. I asked Karen for an email address for Catryn, and an email address for her supervisor. She didnt give me any info but said that my note was on top of Catryn's desk. I give up.

    All this, is after 5 calls to the UPS call center where I wasn't given any information and was treated rudely. I did send a complaint to this email, just search the TrackingNumber.

    In addition, I lost a supplier, because I called them too many times, inquiring about my lost shipment.

    I understand UPS is a big company. But, I shouldn't have to go thru this.

    My recommendations are as follows:
    When someone loses a package and contacts UPS, the first thing you do, is explain the procedure. Explain the steps involved. That it will take 2 weeks to close the trace. That the shipper doesn't know anything. That UPS will refund the shipper not the receiver. And that the shipper decides whether to refund the receiver or replace the product. All this information is critical, so the receiver can decide whether to reorder, or wait.

    None of this has been done in my case. I learned all these things by calling over and over, getting one piece of information from each phone call.

    I don't get paid to write these emails, or make those phone calls. I have lost time and money just to recover $100 worth of product.

    Someone needs to fix this process, and it's not Catryn or Karen, who play phone tag. A simple web page would do wonders. And telling your call center employees to point us to this webpage would be a stroke of genius. A way for us to type in our tracking number, and see the progress of the trace investigation. I'm sure that info is readily available.

    So, I'm not just complaining. You implement changes like these, and you will save money in wasted phone calls. And you might reduce the number of upset customers, and that would help business. Afterall, you are a business. This is in your own best interest.

  • Va
      8th of Jan, 2007
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    I called UPS for a pick up and they made a shipping label for me as I don't use them very often, do to a lot of "damaged" items in the past.This was also shipped COD. In the address UPS misspelled Fargo street and spelled it Vargo. When the UPS man arrived he put the label on the box for me and took it. A couple weeks went by and it came back to me as "Return to Sender" address unknown. The receiver called me to see if I shipped it and I said yes but it came back to me. I called UPS and they said that I would have to pay shipping again and resend it. I told them that it was there mistake not mine. They said thats the way it has to be it was out of there hands. I proceeded to call back and try to get other people and they all told me the same thing including supervisors. On the other end receiving" he was trying to do the same. They said that they sent the receiver a post card telling him that there was a package at the UPS building. I wondered why they would send anything to an address unknown again? They held it for 5 buisness days and returned it. Note on the shipping label there were two phone numbers to call. They did not want to make the effort and call someone to tell them what was going on. I think UPS has to much power and I think more people need to try using other ways to ship, I know I am as much as possible. This company is headed for hard times if they don't get better but maybe they don't really care!

  • Ti
      12th of Feb, 2007
    -1 Votes

    UPS lost my package, it arrived in Perth Australia, but they completely denied it ever got here and are covering it up. They are filthy liars and should not be trusted with anything important.

  • Sa
      16th of Feb, 2007
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    I ordered medication for my dog who has cancer and it was supposed to be delivered on Monday, January 29th. It was shipped on Friday, January 26th by ground.

    I called in the morning to find out what time I can expect the medication since I had to attend a funeral and didn’t want to miss the delivery. I spoke to Customer Service and she said either 10:30A or 7:00P. I asked if she could speak to the driver so I would know for sure. She was kind enough to return my call and said the earliest would be tonight @ 6:00P. I had no more pills left and was counting on the morning delivery.

    I called UPS to check on the delivery as I hadn’t received it at 7:46P. Customer Service told me they didn’t have an apt. number and couldn’t deliver it. I hit the roof!! I asked why no one contacted me as they had my telephone number or better still, why didn’t he come to the address, get out of his truck, & check the mailbox to find my apt. #? We usually have the same driver and he's familiar with the complex. How hard is that? She was no help and I asked to speak to a Supervisor. Again, no help. She kept repeating herself that there was no apt. # and we went around in circles as I kept asking why the heck he didn’t attempt to come out here, get out of his truck, and check the mailbox? I then asked for her Supervisor and was put on hold for approximately 8 minutes. I spoke with the Supervisor's Supervisor who was at least helpful. She contacted the Customer Service Dept. and spoke with a lady to try to track down the package. I told her how important it was that my dog get this medication. The lady was able to find my package but said they can deliver it the next day by 11:00. I asked if I could pick it up as it’s important he gets the medication. She said the Center was closed and she was in another part of the building. I asked her if I could pick it up where she’s located. She refused. It’s stressful enough having a dog that has cancer and to deal with UPS was a nightmare.

    I wrote to their Corporate Headquarters saying they better figure out a way to instruct their drivers to use some common sense and use their cell phone to call if they don’t have an apt. number or get their ### out of their truck at the address it was supposed to be delivered and check the mailbox. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. My telephone number was on the label as well as in their system.

    Granted, the shipper forgot to include my apt. # and apologized, but UPS should have figured out my apt. # by looking on the mailbox or called.


    I drove to UPS the next day and picked up the medication myself. As it turned out, a customer was speaking with the Supervisor with his complaint.

    Let's see if they can figure out where to mail their response.:)

  • Ch
      4th of Apr, 2007
    -1 Votes

    On Monday I ordered a package for a company for over night delivery to my home. On Tuesday by 430 pm the package had not arrived yet. Even through it showed on the tracking number it was out for delivery. SO I called UPS and asked them if they could please have there by 530 pm and they told me they would call the local office and see what could be done but they had till end of business day which is 730pm. When I made this call it was about 435pm and was told local office would call me back. At 730pm still had not heard from the local office nor had my package arrived. So I called the UPS 800 number and spoke with a supervisor who then conferenced me in with the local office. Well the local said we are sorry we know you paid for overnight but we doubt that you will get your package tonight as one of our loading boys is new and put your package on the wrong truck. I told them you know this could have been easily fixed had you taken the time at around 430pm to call me. Per the 800 number even through I was told she was going to give the local a message to call me it seems there was no record of this being done. I told then in no uncertain terms they would deliver tonight. Well the package did finally arrive around 830pm. The Driver did not ring the bell and from my room which is close to front door it sounded like he just threw the package on the ground and left. I cannot verify that he did throw the package but the way I knew the package had arrived was the sound of it hitting the pavement.

    The sad part about this is the company the size of UPS just seems like they want your shipping money and once they have it they could care less about anything else. When a package arrives late and you call the 800 number depending on who you talk to the close of business day just gets latter and latter. I have had take packages that arrive in Phoenix AZ and put it on a Phoenix truck ride around Phoenix all day because someone miss stocked the truck with my package in error. The Package would have been 1 day early had this not happened. When I pointed this out to the UPS customer service rep I was asked what are you complaining about it still on time. And this last situation has happened to not once but twice now. You ask for a phone number to call Corp headquarters and are told there is not phone number. Please a co as big as UPS with not phone in corp headquarters.

  • St
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    23/07/2009 UPS are the worst shipping company I have ever come across. I paiud £65 to have a DVD Duplicator delivered values at £1150. They smashed it up dispite it being packed carefully with lots of fragile stickers. They refused to meet my claim and said it wasn't pcked correctly. I was able to prove it was with before and after photographs. They admitted liabilty but then only paid oput 10% of the proven value, so now I have to take them to Small Claims Court.
    What a dreadful company, please customers do not use them, nobody could be worse or more dishonest in its dealing with customers.

    Brixham England

  • Am
      26th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    UPS is awful they can not tell you anything. No one in this company has a clue as to where a package is at any given time. I have been told my package was on a train, then it was locked in a container, then it was on a truck that broke down and a tow truck had to retrieve it. I am not sure of where my package was but at this time it is supposed to be delivered today or it is at the customer pick up. Which is it? Why can we put people on the moon but we can't track a package? I am so frustrated with this company. Why can I not get a simple answer to my question...WHERE IS MY PACKAGE? I have called 10 times in the past 24 hours and I still have no idea where my stuff is. Oah and I also went through the b.s. of having my package at will-call and I sat in their office from 8pm to 10:45pm where the gentleman told me he would change everything and have my package delivered on Saturday. REALLY? Nope just kidding they still have no clue. I will never use them again

  • Pa
      13th of May, 2011
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    I am going through this right now, it has been 3 weeks. and the package has dissapeared. Still in the tracking stage for the next 8 business day. Very upset, my customer is also. Makes me look stupid!!!

  • Pa
      13th of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I will never use them again!!!

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