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University of Phoenix / student loan

1 Kansas City, MO, United States Review updated:

I enrolled with the University of Phoenix in 2006. The classes and everything fit my schedule, and everything was going well. I have been in the army sine 2005, and was deployed in March 2008. I took my last class in December 2007. Well i am still currently deployed over seas. I decided to try to refinance my motorcycle before I get back. The lady from the bank contacts me and tells me she is sorry she cant help me but my credit score is to low. I check my credit online, and the University of Phoenix has sent me to collections for my student loans. I contact them and they say that cant even talk to me about it because it has already gone to collections. So I contact collections and tell them what they have done and that I am deployed. All student loans are put on hold when you are deployed. They said they tried to contact me starting in September of 2008. I told them there is a good reason you could not reach me, I am over seas with the army. So they told me the only way they can help me is to write them a letter, so i have done so, and am waiting for a response. If they do not fix my credit and put things back the way they were before i left, my next step will be to contact J.A.G. It just really bothers me that I have to go through this, as if being deployed and away from my family for so long was not bad enough! I am open to suggestions on how this can be fixed and not happen to anyone else. If you would like feel free to shoot me an email if you have any ideas. Thank you

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  • Di
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    I recently received a notice informing me that funds had been returned to my lender as I had a 90 day break in attendance. I then received notice that I owed the university the amount returned. What I came to learn is that I was been charged for class that was removed from my schedule because I had a balance due. UoP does not allow you to move on to the next class if you have financial obligation due. I can understand, but what is frustrating is the lack of communication from my academic counselor and that it takes weeks for my financial counselor to call me back, unless I owe them something. Can someone explain to me why I am paying for a class I wasn't scheduled for.

  • Li
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I have severly dissatisfied with UoP as well. I actually managed to finish my classes early (by two blocks/two math classes) and had a credit of $2080 on my account which is the cost of those two classes. My financial counselor told me that there is a chance the lender will ask for the excess back in return. After a month of waiting he finally told me that they had cut me a check and mailed the refund . . . not once mentioning the refund to Wells Fargo. Then I get a letter in the mail stating that $1546.38 is owed back to the lender and I need to pay UoP for that refund. Mind you, I haven't even received the refund yet, but the notice was supposedly sent before the refund to me ocurred. I contacted my financial counselor to ask what was going on and he told me that he had them cut me the check immediately since I seemed in immediate need. He said I'd have to pay the lender refund via my student website or call him to make arrangements. Right there it screamed strange because it made no sense for them to send me the full amount just to have to send most of it back. I would imagine that they could just send Wells Fargo the portion owed and mail me the difference. So, I called Wells Fargo and they told me that they never ask for the money back once it has been disbursed and there was nothing on record of my account regarding a refund request or receipt. My husband is studying law and works at a law firm and checked around too. One of his co-workers worked for the financial aid department of a different school and she said the same thing. Needless to say I am not going to return the money until I hear from Wells Fargo that the money was received. I don't know why Uop sent the money back in the first place because my account was completely squared away. It's the same thing. I would be paying for classes that I did not need or attend. I think it's kind of shady. My husband also told me that there are several class action lawsuits against the school due to underhanded financial dealings. I would suggest googling that yourself because what they're doing isn't right.

  • Ja
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    If you are a student or an employee of UOP and you feel you have been treated unfairly, or even discriminated against please email me at with a discription of what happened to you. Please also include the campus the incident occured. A class action suite against the university is being put together. Please only email if you are serious.

  • St
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    The funny thing is i found all ceo, chairman, presidents of uop and apollo and no one will give you a phone number. Hmmmm. so why are these people so guarded. could it be that there is something afoot they want no one to know about. why can we not find out about pells promised by financial aid advisors and why can we not get our excess from our loans? So many secrets and so many vicious deceptions they put you through for a
    college education. ya, i absolutely had trust in uop, but now... i dont know.

  • Mo
      1st of Aug, 2010
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    I am Moises A. Brador, current student of The University of Phoenix IRN 9024424029. While going over my statement I found a discrepancy in my account of $747. But I have applied for student loans and I received all my loans and disbursements. So this balance should not be there.
    During my enrollment at the university, my finance advisor, Chandra Persaud, called to tell me that a check of $895.00 was mistakenly mailed to me. I never received the check. She later telephoned me again which gave me the opportunity to explain that I had never received the check. When I still didn't have the check I called Chandra Persaud several times and did not receive an answer. I also went to see her in person and was told she would come and see me during one of my classes because she was occupied at the moment, she never came. I also emailed her several times about my account and the check and even emailed her my phone number so she could reach me at her convenience. I have yet to receive a reply from her.
    Upon further review of my account I realized that a class has been charged twice. I have also emailed Chandra about this several times and have received no reply. My account balance was zero when suddenly the balance of $747 appeared. I have noticed that the last item charged on my account was a class I took in December of 2009, this class was already charged and has been paid for. Also, since December of 2009 I have taken three classes which should be the last things that are posted to my account. I have received all my student loans, and disbursements which gives me cause to believe that the University is trying to take advantage of me in a scam.
    I am very frustrated with the situation and I will file a complaint against your institution with the university board, and who ever else I have to. I have tired time and time again to resolve the problem and I have received no cooperation from the university staff. I am almost done with the program and in order to receive my diploma I need to have this situation cleared.
    I want to clarify this before the program is over on August 11th, 2010.
    Thank you!

  • Me
      20th of Aug, 2010
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    I have started at UOP & i'd like to know how was your outcome?

  • Ch
      17th of Sep, 2012
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    I wish I had read these comments before I enrolled in this scam of a school. The "admissions" personnel will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to enroll. I specifically told the admissions counselor that I would not enroll until my financial paperwork was completed. This did not happen and I withdrew from the classes within the alloted time. It took me a few months to pay for the classes that I did not complete out of my own pocket. I recently pulled my credit report and yes, you guessed it, University of Phoenix reported a charge off for the classes EVEN after they were paid in full! Take this advice, DO NOT ENROLL IN THIS SCAM SCHOOL!

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