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A sales associate and an assistant manager refused my request for a price adjustment on a pair of pants that were marked down from $79.99 to $29 and also deliberately changed the style number on my receipt to make it impossible for me to get an adjustment at another store. I bought both pairs of pants and went to another store to ask for an adjustment but because the tags did not match they could not grant the adjustment at the second store. I don't know why Farmington Hills store treated me this way I am a loyal and cooperative TJX Credit card customer.

Although the tags on both items are worn and can barely be read, the $79.99 item tag scanned when I put it in layaway on 10/28/17. It also scanned when I deleted it from my layaway this evening but the associate used a dump number so that the pants priced at $79.99 were given a different number than the marked down item just so that I could not go to another store and get an adjustment. Another store grants price adjustments for items bought within the last five days.

I have copies of all the receipts and will go to the store tomorrow evening and request that they change the receipt to the proper tag number so that I can go somewhere else to get my price adjustment.

I have all of my receipts. Please help me. Please call the manager at the Farmington Hills store and ask her to do the right thing and give me the proper receipt for the items I purchased.

Nov 26, 2017
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      Nov 26, 2017

    I don't disagree with many complaints, but really? You're trying to manipulate their system and they have measures to prevent you from doing so. It sounds to me like you don't value your own time very much as you seem to be wasting it on a futile venture.

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