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lost my ring in the jewelry counter

I was trying a bangle cuff at the jewelry counter, and I had to remove my ring from my finger because the...

lied about return policy

TJ Maxx has a return policy that you can return merchandise w/o a receipt within 90 days. I went in to get...

unprofessional employees

I have frequented TJ Maxx for many years and have usually had decent customer service. This complaint isn't going to make me stop shopping there but it's to make others aware what to expect. <br />
<br />
I was there 2 days ago looking for a pair of jeans. I had an armful of jeans when I went to the dressing rooms. I waited patiently for somebody to come count my items and give me one of those number things so I could try them on. After about 5 minutes of waiting and two employees came out and immediately started talking to one another about, no lie, her "baby daddy" and how he's screwing her out of child support and whatnot acting as if I wasn't even there. <br />
<br />
I'm generally not one to complain about stuff like this but after asking if I could try my stuff on she rolled her eyes at me, took the stuff out of my arms to count and continued talking about all this stuff with the employee like I wasn't even there. <br />
<br />
I know the whole retail experience is generally not great but I don't think that's any excuse to roll your eyes at a customer for wanting to try on clothes just because you want to continue your conversation. I wasn't being some annoying person or anything.

  • Xe
    XenoMiang Aug 05, 2009

    By the way ... I don't know why it added all those <br/>'s in my complaint. Sorry about that.

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  • Ha
    Hate Bad Service Dec 03, 2009

    I agree, they need to either train their low paid employees on "customer service", I feel like these people that are hired are out for some revenge.

    0 Votes
  • Tj
    TJ Maxim Feb 18, 2010

    you would be out for some revenge with 13 cent raises

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    Minayang Mar 06, 2010

    HAHAHA!!! That's right! But usually TJMaxx would hire anyone who can breathe.

    0 Votes
  • Mn
    mn mg Dec 13, 2013

    Is there a receptive way to tell the management team that they all need to take a sensitivity course, it seems like they are all to busy with there own job to take time to check on employees, there is so much drama going on with management, divorce, " I have so much on my plate today", not understanding employees needs if they have disabilities, and management talking with employees about other employees.

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more cashiers

I shop at TJ MAXX'S at least twice a month. I often shop during my lunch hour. The TJ MAXX'S at 14754 Preston Rd. is always busy during lunch. The line is always long with only (2) cashiers. I have seen customer leave items which they wish to purchase at the front counters, because the wait is always long with only (2) cashiers. I sometime think of the moneys lost due to not having more cashiers.

  • Xe
    XenoMiang Aug 07, 2009

    I understand, this is definitely not my favorite TJ Maxx I've ever been too. I've had problems with employees and wait times as well.

    0 Votes
  • Tj
    TJ Maxim Apr 01, 2010

    There ain't any cashiers cuz tjmaxx is understaffing to save money. Corporate gives pay roll and they allocate hours accordingly. They have people but they feel its not in their best interest to use them (cuz they have to pay them...)

    0 Votes

rude clerk

I purchased a pair of earrings in the fine jewelry dept. in the Rock Hill store. I loved them...unfortunately...

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terrible costumer service!

I was disgusted! A few days ago I was returning some items for my mother. She handed me the items and the receipt, and I went on my way to return it. I was just the messenger for her and didn't know nor care about the items or when they were bought or what they were, etc. I stood in line and when the woman finished with the costumer in front of me, i walked up to the counter. she didnt look at me or acknowledge my presence, so i waited. without looking up after a few minutes, she said "Go ahead!" Um, excuse me? I pulled out my items and handed her the receipt. She stocked her leg up in front of her, started chomping her gum and reviewing the receipt (like a true professional... not!). after a few minutes she looked at me and said "This time ill give it to you, but it is past the deadline and that is completely REDICULOUS" she shoved the receipt in my face and showed me the deadline, THEN took a pen, circled it, and shoved it in my face again (in case i was completely blind the first time??). i said ok calmly, because it was NOT my receipt, i had no idea, and was not in the mood to deal with her rudeness. she kept going on about how now shes going to have to go out of her way to make extra markdowns because of careless costumers, blah blah blah. get over yourself, hotshot, and learn how to talk to costumers! A simple respectful explanation about how its past 30 days and too late to return it would have been fine! I left completely angered and embarrased. but I was in a rush and did not have time to speak to her manager. What an old hog, I remember her name and hope to return and tell her what a disgusting employee she is.

  • Li
    lilvixen69 Sep 03, 2009

    CUSTOMERS, you idiot, not COSTUMERS.

    -1 Votes
  • D2
    d24 Nov 14, 2009

    Tjmaxx is not a good place to work.

    0 Votes
  • Vi
    vic100 Nov 14, 2009

    your clearly the idiot. this isnt a spelling bee its a place for complaints about tjmaxx. go to a ### website if thats what your in the mood for. why be rude for absolutely no reason>? ugh

    1 Votes
  • Lm
    lmmad Jan 08, 2011

    I love it when nasty salespeople who think they have the "power" to decline a return because of their unprofessional
    bias, call the manager over, and the manager tells them to give us our damn money back. Who do these cashiers
    think they are? If it wasn't for our bucks, you wouldn't be making your six dollars an hour. Management knows this, its about time the clerks learn this lesson also. You're a cashier, ok. Your not REALLY in control, like you want to be. And stop telling your friends and family to come in for the "hook up" when the manager leaves. Often times
    it is not the customers stealing, but "set ups" by employees. Otherwise, the Clerks would at least look up and pretend
    they are surprised when the alarm goes off when one of their friends walks out of the store with merchandise.

    0 Votes
  • Aj
    ajs321 Jan 24, 2011

    A cashier doesnt have any power, but in some stores the only people allowed to take returns are front line supervisors who do have the power to decline a return. They are trained to follow a set of rules for returns, and they are only doing their jobs. When a rude or obnoxious customer comes along and puts up a fight about a certain policy, a manager sometimes bends the rules so the customer doesnt report them. It puts the associate in a bad position and makes them look like an idiot even though they were only doing what they were trained to do. And yes, you do get the occasional cranky associate when you have to deal with people all day that have bad attitude and that are just waiting to pick a fight with you.

    0 Votes

discount lie

I love to shop at your store in Bellingham. There are a lot of things that I like about your store. For...

rudeness of personnel and price question not satisfactorily answered


poor customer service

My husband and I went to TJ Maxx to purchase slacks for him - he selected 4 pairs and went into the fitting...

charge shoplift illegal practices

I am a 26 yearsold who in an extreme need for your advice. I got married in last summer for green card applicatant. My arrange husband is American citizen. I am in US as an international student. I just apply for H1-B Visa for the Microsoft. Unfortunately 4 months ago I made of the worse mistake in life. I did the shoplifting ($300)and I was caught. The store of the security hold me until police came. The officer asked my questions and he say that because no previous record he wouldn't charge me. He didn't give me ticket. I wasn't fingerprint. Only the store gave me a paper.

It was mentioned in paper that I shouldn't have go to any of their TJ MAxx for two years. Now I want to know if immigration can find about this incident one day. Can it be conceal? If they can deport me for that and if I should say something about incident at the time of interview.

I have my police check and it is mention that I don't have record. I ma depressed and I don't have the normal living after that.E very night I have nightmares about incident. Why this destroy my life for I buy house in US and become new middle class part.

Please please help me.Any body knows something please help me

  • Ga
    Gator Apr 12, 2009

    My advice... Don't STEAL!!! You got caught breaking the law, you knew when you were applying for citizenship you had to obey the laws. At what point did it not cross your mind when you were free-wheeling through TJ Maxx stealing that it was wrong??!!! Everytime a shoplifter is caught they want to start complaining about the consequences. Perhaps if people in-general obeyed laws and did not try to get something for nothing their lives would be a little easier.

    2 Votes
  • Am
    amazome Jun 07, 2009

    First this is not a complaint about the company. If you were caught committing a crime, you will have to suffer the consequences. These are questions to ask a lawyer.

    1 Votes
  • Ga
    gatoconbotas Jul 01, 2009

    It is obvious that you are criminal to begin with. First, you are getting married just to legalize yourself in this country. Second, you steal. It is people like you that give immigrants a bad reputation. You mothafkrs ruin it for everyone else. You do not belong in the USA, you piece of sht. I'm an immigrant myself, but I did it the right way and wait it my time. If I knew who you were, I would personally report you sorry, stealing, fraudalent ### to the INS, of the Dept. of Homeland Security. Go steal in your own country.

    1 Votes
  • Tj
    TJ Maxim Feb 18, 2010

    I hope they deport you. I hate Unprofessional thieves.

    1 Votes
  • Go
    Googoogaga May 23, 2014

    You're the exact trash we don't want or need in this country. Go back to where you came from, rat.

    0 Votes


I went to the TJ Maxx in Evanston, IL. My mother had bought me a shirt from the Runway section, and the size was wrong so I wanted to exchange it for a bigger size or exchange it for another shirt of the same value ($150). I go to school in the Evanston area and my parents live 2 hours away, so I did not have a receipt for the shirt. The first man I talked to rudely told me that the exchange/return policy did not allow me to do anything without a receipt. I went home and checked the return policy and it clearly stated that I could return an item without a receipt but would only receive store credit. I went back with a printed copy of this, and the same guy rudely told me that he knows his return policy and would not take it back. I asked to talk to the manager, and he also told me that he would not take it back. I was in no mood for arguing so I took the shirt back, but on the way out I told the manager about the rude treatment from the other guy. The manager said nothing and the othey guy rudely mumbled at me while I was walking out. I went back to the same TJ Maxx a few days later, and the manager saw me there. The entire time he just followed me around the store watching what I was picking up. He made me feel like a criminal. If I can pay for a $150 blouse, I don't care about trying to save a few dollars here or there. I will never go back to that TJ Maxx and I advise all of you to never go there either, unless you want to be followed like a criminal and be treated rudely. On the other hand, the TJ Maxx is Oak Brook is amazing with great quality and service.

  • Ga
    Gator Apr 12, 2009

    Actually, the policy says other restictions may apply, but I guess you skipped right over that part since it would not support your argument that everyone else is wrong and you are right. It is a retailers right to refuse any return for any reason. However, I will say the store should have exchanged the shirt for the identical shirt in a different size, if that is what you were wanting to do. However, you did say they refused to return it, not exchange it. Retailers have to protect their assets, you may not think $150 is much money to a large retailer such as TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Target, etc, but when you have 300 to 1000 customers coming into your store each day and 10% - 25% want to return something it adds up very quickly for a company. Just curious, why didn't you just get the receipt from your mother? She could have mailed the receipt and it would have arrived within a few days. As far as the manager following you around, if he/she thought you were stealing loss prevention would have been following you and you would have been none the wiser, not the store manager. Perhaps the store manager was making sure he/she was available if you needed any help in order to off-set the previous bad experience you had with them.

    4 Votes
  • Sa
    saveyshopper1 Feb 09, 2011

    Just don't steal stuff and save your receipts. A lot of places won't even return a $5 item without a receipt. Welcome to the real world!

    1 Votes
  • While not your fault, next time make sure that if you or your mother buys a gift at TJ Maxx, ask for a gift receipt. You'll find that suddenly, a lot of problems with the return that arose from your lack of receipt will magically go away!

    2 Votes


So I came into TJ Maxx today. I rip off every tickets to see if I can get a cheaper price. I went up to the...

customer service

I was just in the Tjmaxx in Chelmsford the other day. I have always shopped at tjmaxx since i was a little...

store manager attitude and treatment

Today, Feb. 7, 09 I realized after having spent my life at TJMax shopping, the store is CONFUSED with their own prices. I was and I am pissed about the way the manager and the cashier took care of me. The clothing I was trying to buy had mark down prices on them, and during the time I was trying to purchase, they claimed those items were not actually on Sale. HOWEVER, the exact item on the rack (after the manager checked) was infact marked down also. STILL they did not honor the marked down price, they took off their sorry marked down sticker off the ticket, and told me THAT particular top was not on sale despite the fact that its exact twin was! So tell me, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?????? I just cannot believe the store embarased ME and treated me like a criminal!!! I am beyond upset and beyond hurt! especially because TJ Max has always been my FIRST choice! Now, it is NOT my choice at ALL! This happend at the TJMax on Almaden Exp, San Jose, CA. I HATE THEM!

rude, mean customer service

On 02/04/09 I was at that tjmaxx with 2 items to return: a small vest (cash receipt was in the bag) & a knit...

bad customer service in tjmaxx, norwalk ct (ct ave)

HI! I had very bad experience in Tjmaxx Norwalk CT (CT ave), manager was rood and ignored when he wa...

rude attitude and bad management

I had bought 2 watches from the Westminster store (at Colorado) before the Christmas and returned them at the Superior store today. Before the return, I asked the counter that if it would be ok to return the jewelry items at this location (Superior Colorado). The merchant is in the same condition as when was purchased, with the price tags and the receipt. The lady kindly told me yes at first; however, her attitude became very rude after getting the manager/supervisor's signature. She told me, "Please return the jewelry items to the store you bought, because this just kills us." Then turned away immediately.

To my defense, I had asked if it was acceptable to return the jewelry items from the different store. If the policy is not to accept the return merchandise from the other stores, please explain it at first; DO NOT put the blame onto the customers afterward. Such attitude is NOT professional.

I used to shop at the Superior TJ Maxx store frequently but have stayed away from it as much as possible since the past couple years. Mainly I have been very frustrated with the poor customer service and bad attitude received at this store. I hope TJ Maxx management recognizes the importance of customer service and work with this store employees for service improvement.

customer service

TJ Maxx has always been one of my favorite places to shop - until now. There has never been an issue with my...

missing child

I was at T J max today, 11/08/08, around 4:00 pm to about 5:00 pm at 590 Amherst St. Nashua, with my four children, when in 60 seconds my 3 year old was missing i went to the front of the store and told costumer service to make sure they stay at the front door to make sure no one left with a 3 year old with a green shirt and blue jeans and blonde hair. The lady acted a little concerned, but continued with her purchase, she didn't even say over the loud speaker that a little boy was missing, and didn’t send and employee to search for him, or locked the doors for no one to leave the store . At this point, as well as you know it only takes seconds for someone to leave the store with your child I was very concerned in T J Max's procedures. Your employee's should of know better on how to react in a situation like this.

  • Mo
    moderator Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since you have 4 children START WATCHING THEM. It is not our fault you feel overburdened. Be a better parent, use birth control etc. Stop blaming stores and others for your own shortcomings.

    0 Votes
  • Mo
    Moochums Jun 14, 2009

    It's not their responsibility to lock their store doors and search for your child. You should have been holding his hand or had him in a cart upon entering the store.

    1 Votes
  • Sh
    shar1 Jun 14, 2009

    I disagree, Tiffany H must either a) never had children, or b) must have been extremely blessed to have had the most perfect children ever created. Unless a parent is being negligent this situation can happen to anyone. I have 2 children and no it has never happened to me, but I know it can happen in an instant. I work for a large retailer and this is a common occurrence. We have in place a "Code Adam" alert that our operators announce over the intercom with a brief description (in a NON identifying manner) of the child. This alerts employees immediately to look for the child, but to watch all exits to make sure no one tries to exit with the child. We are all trained what to do in this situation. I think T J Max should definitely review this and hopefully this Mom has alerted the Store Manager as well as their Corporate Headquarters.

    -1 Votes
  • Mi
    Misses Jun 14, 2009

    I agree with Tiffany H, it's not the store's responsibility to babysit your child while in the store. They have to run a business. Yes, it would've been nice for the clerk to watch the store, but amongst watching the store, customers, your child, etc... things may get a bit frazzled for her. I would not announce on the loud speaker the description of the child, for the sake of the crazy predators that may have been in the store and prey on kids. Thank goodness the child was found; but I don't think it's worth a complaint to file to the store headquarters because you misplaced your child... and yes, i am a parent. Also, maybe speaking with headquarters about adding code adam would be nice, but again, i wouldn't complain without a solution because the parent wasn't watching her child.

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    say it as it is Jul 10, 2014

    How about taking responsibility and not neglecting your child Honestly it is parents like you who need to be reported to CPS.

    0 Votes

random policies

I love TJ Maxx. I would like to say I will not shop there again but I know I will with all the great deals. I...

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