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TJ Maxx / poor service!

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I have been a Tjmaxx customer for the last 10 years and today I as was shopping with my mom and my 2 year old daughter, I picked a toy for my daughter which was a 10”x10” box that had a telephone toy that kept my daughter entertained while it gave us some time to shop. As I was walking mom to the fitting room to try the 10 outfits that she picked, the lady at the fitting room saw the toy and said “no accessories what so ever” so I explained to her that we’re keeping my 2 year old busy with it and we’ll be in the hall just outside the fitting room where my mom will be trying her outfits-my mom doesn’t speak any English and she needed me to be with her to help her and give her my opinion about the outfits she’s trying… the lady said “still no accessories”… I thought that was really rude and insensitive, what was the big deal…?

So before we left the store, I really wanted the manager to know about the incident because it really made me upset and I thought it could have been handled in a lot nicer way… I was just looking for some nice words to calm me down, instead the manager named K. Head said that her employee is one of the best and she did what she was supposed to do… my reply was that I was only trying to keep my daughter busy while we shop, it wouldn’t hurt to be more sensitive to your customer needs unless you don’t want us to come back here… the manager looked at me with no response… so I said I guess you don’t care either… again the manager said nothing and just looked at me…

It was a silly incident that shouldn’t have been a big deal… but it was poorly handle that I'll never come back to this place, and I’ll make sure to tell my friends and family about how unaccommodating and unfriendly tj maxx is to moms and their kids.

Sahar Arnaout.


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A  4th of Sep, 2007 by 
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It's unfortunate that you don't get that the toys in the store are there to be sold! If you buy it first, take a receipt in with you (don't refund it before you leave, take the toy home), then it is not an accessory. The attitude you have increases prices for all customers. Getting a toy or even the box it's in dirty puts the store in the unnecessary position of having to mark it down. Please help me understand how this is fair. The worst is that you just don't get it!

While shopping at tj maxx i saw children playing with the shoes, hats and other items, all while parents were negligent. I even heard a mother get upset with the manager when he asked her little girls not to play in the high heels. Of course, if one had broken an ankle it would be the fault of the store. If you have ethics (want to teach your little one some), class, scruples or just plain common sense, you should definitely shop there again, but not before apologizing to both the manager and fitting room attendant. Do the right thing!
D  19th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Denise is right. You should have paid for the toy first. TJ Maxx and its unpaid merchandise are not you childs entertainment commitee! The reason why they dont allow that stuff in the fitting room is to detour shoplifters which in turn help keep their prices down... Which I assume is why you shopped there for 10 years.
A  13th of Mar, 2008 by 
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The customer is so right. TJMAXX (EMPLOYEES) in Baldwin Crenshaw mall the are very (RUDE).
N  13th of Mar, 2008 by 
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Balwin Hill Crenshaw mall employees are too rude.
D  26th of Mar, 2008 by 
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God why did you have to post your stupid "complaint" twice? I am sure TJ Maxx will go out of business because you don't show up anymore.
N  5th of Aug, 2008 by 
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TJMaxx - Poor Service
Eau Claire
United States

I bought a comforter just before closing last night. Upon rising this morning I placed the comforter on my bed. I immediately noticed a strong chemical odor from the comforter. I placed the comforter back in its package and returned it to the store. Upon arriving at the store the return clerk whispered to the other clerk and said what did you do to it? I said I did nothing to it as I only had it out of the bag to place it on my bed. She said she can't take anything back that was used. I said it wasn't used. Taking it out of the bag to place it on the bed isn't using it. Remember it was less than 12 hours since purchasing it! She smelt the comforter. She called her manager. She stated: " just this once they would take it back " What the Heck???? I do not make many returns to stores. The store policy states a 30 day return policy with receipt. I asked to speak with the store manager Laura Lacey. I waited a few minutes for her to come speak with me. She did not come out. I told the clerks I would contact corporate headquaters with my complaint of poor service which I did. Corporate said they would contact the manager. I hope they get her and the store some training on good customer relations. I don't think in this uncertain economy any store can treat a customer loke this and stay in business. There are many other high end discount stores offering merchandise to put up with this kind of poor service. I will be shopping elsewhere. BUYER BEWARE should you ever want to return something to the TJ MAXX store in this western Wisconsin city. Sincerely, Dissatisfied Customer with six figure income
N  8th of Aug, 2008 by 
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ive worked for tj maxx in des moines ia for 5 yrs, and there should have been no issue returning your item. I think i know why they didnt want to though, you see any bedding at all that has been opened we can not resell we have to send it to charity, probably just a greedy manager. im sorry for your visit there, but i hope if your ever in des moines you visit our store.
N  8th of Aug, 2008 by 
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we dont let toys in the fitting room because it is our policy, if we make an exception to you we have to make one for everybody. only certain items can go into the fitting rooms because of shoplifters, what consumers dont know is for every dollar that is stolen or even damaged is a 50 dollar loss, because of the exspenses getting the item to that store, retail loses soo much many just because of inconsiderate shoppers.
A  19th of Aug, 2008 by 
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while you have a legitimate gripe, your "six figure income" is neither here nor there. it is simply proof of your condescending self important attitude.
D  12th of Oct, 2008 by 
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You keep saying that it was "no big deal". If that's the case, why did you proceed to say that you were going to complain to all your friends and family? That's a bit overboard. She WAS just doing her job. People AREN'T allowed to take anything into the fitting room except, guess what, CLOTHES. That don't want anything being stolen, and you can't trust anyone. If you wanted to let your daughter play with the toy, you should have bought it first. It doesn't take a genius to realize that you're wrong.
N  8th of Nov, 2008 by 
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I was at T J max today, 11/08/08, around 4:00 pm to about 5:00 pm at 590 Amherst St. Nashua, with my four children, when in 60 seconds my 3 year old was missing i went to the front of the store and told costumer service to make sure they stay at the front door to make sure no one left with a 3 year old with a green shirt and blue jeans and blonde hair. The lady acted a little concerned, but continued with her purchase, she didn't even say over the loud speaker that a little boy was missing, and didn't send and employee to search for him, or locked the doors for no one to leave the store . At this point, as well as you know it only takes seconds for someone to leave the store with your child I was very concerned in T J Max's porcedures. Your employee's should of know better on how to react in a situation like this.
D  20th of Nov, 2008 by 
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TJ maxx has the code adam in place, Next time keep your eye on your kid. Its no one elses fault but your own if you cant handle your own kids and watch them . If that is to much then sew up you uterus and stop having kids and hope the world will watch them for you while you shop!
And to the lady with the toy. Have you ever heard of paying for things first? Are you one of those type that go to the supermarket and have a snack while you shop? Thats not how it works you just cant grab things of the shelf to entertain your kid. I have 3 kids myself and never needed to "Borrow" something of a shelf so my kids could behave.
Now if your kid would of opened the box which he or she would of done, the store would have had a loss. You obviously did not want the toy because you stated you where just using for the time being for the kids entertainment. Now that what the Big Deal is. Maybe I could come over your house and just "borrow" some stuff to entertain my kids and if you dont like it I will tell all your friends and family about how unfair you are.
D  8th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I have to agree with Fred. If you can't handle watching your kids then keep your legs close. I mean, keep your kids at home! And for the lady with the toy, if it's not a big deal then you wouldn't be taking your time to write this stupid complaint. Beside, it's not the girl in the fitting room fault that you're too cheap to buy a toy for your daughter. Next time, leave her at home and stop trying to cause problem at the store you stupid idiot. :)
N  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Although it isn't your fault, you have to understand that the people don't like to return things that smell funny, are dirty, or torn because it means they have to throw them away and they lose money on it -- especially with an old comforter set.

Looking at how recent the purchase was, and hearing your story, you shouldn't have had as much of a problem returning it as you did.
D  17th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Unfortunately that decision comes down to being sensitive or putting her job at risk. While I understand your concern you cannot blame the company's policy on her and say she was being "insensitive." She was just fulfilling her job description. Your mother can come out and show you what she has on..its no big deal.
You wont imagine the scenarios that tj maxx employees work with ...
parents actually leave their children in tj maxx to play with the toys and go to the resteraunt next door.
And you cant just pick up a toy and use it as means to "entertain" your child, if your child really needs to be entertained either buy the toy or simply bring a t oy from home.
Im sorry but I cant sympathize with you much...
N  12th of Apr, 2009 by 
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If it was not a big deal why are you making it seem like a big deal. First of all, TJ Maxx is not a daycare center and does not provide toys to be used and left strewn about the store as a lot of customers do. Also, I wonder if you would buy a toy if you knew some kid had been playing with it and pounding on it while his/her mother shopped. Second, why should you be the only customer allowed to take a toy, a toy not paid for I might add, into the dressing room when all the other customers either bring a toy for their child if they must be amused by a toy or simply tell the child "no". If it was not a big deal why didn't you just buy the toy and give it to your child to play with in the dressing room? Did you purchase the toy before you left the store or did you put the "USED" toy back in the department where you got it from or maybe just toss it somewhere on your way to complain to the manager about her rude associate, nevermind the rude customer you may have seemed to be letting your child play with a toy that was not paid for and you apparantly had no intention of buying.
N  12th of Apr, 2009 by 
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To the lady with the missing child. As you should know, yes, it may only take sixty seconds for a child to disappear, my question to you is why did you let your child out of your sight for sixty seconds. In additon, you cannot lock doors and refuse to let anyone to leave a public building, it is against the law and holding people against their will. However, Most TJ Maxx only have one exit and entrance at the front of the store, i f you were so certain your child had been kidnapped why did you not call the police and stand at the front door guarding it. TJ Maxx does use Code Adam, it directs them not to make PA announcements, but instead to send an associate to watch the front door and watch for the child WITH THE PARENT while the other associates check the store. Only the legal guardian can claim the child from someone trying to abduct the child since the TJ Maxx associate has no way of knowing you are the legal guardian, it could be a custody battle and a parent trying to kidnap the child from another.

Was the child found? YOu failed to mention if the child was actually kidnapped so I will have to assume you neglected your child and your child was not trained properly and wondered off into the store no doubt.
A  1st of Oct, 2009 by 
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i work for this company & we are told not to return items. if at all possible yet give customer satisfaction. some sense that makes.. the "we will do it this time" is the standard answer but will always give it to you/ I agree u have a complaint. make a fuss complain to corporate
N  24th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I work at TJ Maxx in Greenfield (or I used to, just transferred downtown.) I have witnessed that situation plenty of times while on register. The manager was probably doing straight up poor service. We have to take back everything, and if theres a stain sometimes..RARELY we wont accept it regardless of whatever is on it...its just we typically get a lot of scammers and bogus people that just want money back for something like a house bill or something and unwillingly gave it up and it was just disgusting.. .. i mean for gods sake we even return underwear! (although we usually zero it out, no one can trust a stranger with returned underwear!!)
A  6th of Jan, 2010 by 
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i agree to steve...haahhahah! that's so funny! whoahhh! you're all correct. TJ MAXX is not a "day care center" nor a "clothes rental or home rental" company. some customers are so disgusting even an underwear they're trying to return it and used bed sheets and comforter and worn clothes! what the f***!?? you think TJ MAXX is?

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