Tim Hortons / treatment of staff - 181 toronto rd. location

Port Hope , Ontario., CA

This complaint is regarding the Tim Horton's location at 181 Toronto Rd. First I want to comment that this location in particular has some wonderful staff. They provided excellent training and from what my child tells me is a great place to work. The complaint I have with this employer is the practice of sending staff home early. It seems to be a game with them. (how many staff can we send home this week? - how much money did this location save in doing this?) My child normally is scheduled to work 20 hours a week. Which includes two weekend shift of 8 hours each. But usually only works 16 hours as is frequently sent home 1 hour early each shift. Now some of you may not think this is a big deal; but in a two week period was not paid 50.00 because of lost shift hours. This practice of sending them home should stop. This 50.00 could have been milk, bread, pasta to feed a child that week. You have no idea of peoples living conditions. If employees are scheduled for 8 hours... Pay them the 8 hours or schedule them differently. If it comes to the bottom dollar how about not giving discounts to employees. This location needs to stop this practice of sending employees home early. I think you would keep your good staff around if you treated them fairly and with respect. You have some great employees at this location.

Nov 21, 2017

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