Tim Hortonsrefused to serve because I am brown

T Nov 17, 2017

Date: November 16th
Place: Cambridge South Travel Plaza
Time: Around 6:12pm
Address:289 highway 401E
Tel: [protected]
Store #: 4782
Manger on duty: Tina
Issued employee: Candy

Our family was on the way back to Toronto, we need a break and wanted to have a French vanilla. We stopped at the On route, and went to buy a French vanilla in the Timhortons. When I reach the front, the employee(Candy) was just served a white guy and when I reach her, she just saw me but she was started to unscrew the cream bar to change the cream. When she saw me at first she didn't start to open cream and ask a co- worker who was at the sandwich bar to serve me but that employee refused to serve me. I was waited in front of her(Candy's) counter until she get the cream inside refrigerator. But another co-employer served a person who was behind me. I was little rush to take my son next day to school, I politely asked Candy(same employee) to get me a French vanilla since next to my customer is served. She was told me that I am on my middle of work. Then I politely told her ‘'I only need French vanilla which doesn't need cream'' she replied to me immediately " you are rude I can't serve you, asked me to go back to line again as a puppy. How simply can she through such word "rude"???? I ask her to say sorry for what she has thrown me. She refused to do so and continue taking customers. Aren't we are customers??? We then called manager(Tina), she did not take any action to clarify the situation, and I was waited for a long and long. Manager (Tina) told me that she can't make Canndy(employee) to say sorry. Why she can not? Because I am a brown skin person?? If Candy use "rude" to a white guy, will it be the same??? will the manager( Tina) let her to serve other customers? Tina was not solve the problem because I am brown skin?? Is she racist?? Why the employee use the word of rude?? I am a professional engineer, when a employee uses rude to me even I was not rude? How can I leave as simple? Employees and the manager insulted us in front of others. We were refused to serve... why ?? Because of our skin colour? I need to take this issue to human resource of Timhortons . If I don't hear any reply, I will have to file a motion against Timhortons . I will have to file against racist manager. I will have to file against employee(Candy). All what I need is, Candy has to apologize for what she did. I need reward for the insulting by Timhortons manager and employee.I need justice for why we were not served??? I need proper answer. We were insulted by Timhortons employee and manager. We worked in Timhortons and we know that " customers are first!!!"""". Candy and Tina was keep telling me that she was on middle of work. Suppose if Candy started to mop, if a customer wants a coffee, that customer has to wait till she finish mopping??? Tina was telling us that she was not on the scene but how can she tell that employee(Candy) was on the middle of the work??? Is she saving her but not customers???? I need to get a proper answer from Tina and Candy. We deserve a apologize what Candy and Tina have done to us. Racist should not play at Timhortons !!!

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