Tim Hortonsin store matter

I walked into a Tim Hortons in Somerville New Jersey about two weeks ago or so and it was on national free donut day and they decided to tell me that they chose not to participate in the free donut give away which was very upsetting to me and I had children with me who were very devastated. I also saw online that the same day the had a chance to win free donuts or tim bits for a year by giving the special word. So I asked one of them I heard they are also doing free donuts or tim bits for a year if you give the word and one employee said no it was on for the morning but it never stated online it was for the morning it stated the first person to say it wins. so when I asked if anyone had told them one man said I don't know I wasn't here in the morning and another man looked at me strangely. This was such absurd service that I have ever received at a Tim Hortons before. I think that this is completely unfair and that I should be getting free donuts for a year. clearly, they do not know what is going on with contests and that the owner or manager of that location is really inconsiderate with deciding they don't want to participate which is very upsetting that they would do such a thing.

Jun 10, 2018

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