Tim Hortonshorrendous customer service

Y Nov 14, 2017

This morning (approx. 8:45am on Nov 14, 2017) I tried to order a breakfast combo and ten timbits from the Tim Hortons inside Agincourt Mall (#0752).

The store was not busy, in fact there was no lineup. The only cashier available was staring down at the cash register. After being ignored for a long while, I went up to her and she placed my order leisurely without ever looking up.

I did not received the items I paid for in a speedy manner. Instead, the cashier opted to walk around a bit and moved on with other tasks. When I reminded her of my order, she was visibly annoyed and shouted 'WAIT!'.

This is not the first instance of rude customer service at this Tim Hortons (#0752) location. If possible, steer clear of this location - staff is poorly trained and you will be treated as a nuisance.

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