Tim Hortons / food and service

Mt Forest Ontario, CA

I live in Mt Forest Ont. I went to Tim Hortons on Nov, 18, 2017 and Nov, 19, 2017.
I buy coffee every morning weekends 6 -630am or weekdays 5 - 530am.
I buy sandwich with my coffee. Well this weekend above date I buy sausage and biscuit NO egg. They charge me 1.79 . It says .99 cents with coffee. I tell lady each date above Manager not in till 7am and no assistant manager, The lady told me no training on prices.
Should be manager or some one in charge there at all times in case of emergency.
Now I want my money back . They overcharged me. Plus they need to be trained in all Tim Hortons NOT TO PUT THEIR HAND ON THE LID WHERE YOU DRINK. Nothing worst when they hand you coffee with their hand over the top of lid.

Nov 19, 2017

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