Tim Hortonsdrive thru food service

On Saturday December 8, 2018 I went through the drive thru at King and park gas bar for coffee and a tea biscuit and croissant. I know there is always a big rush to get customers through but the quality should not suffer. It did. I received a tea biscuit with enough butter to cause a heart episode. I could scrape it off or toss it out. I tossed it. Next the croissant ordered toasted with butter for a child was burnt to black in the ends and had that horrid burnt taste. Much disappointment. I did not turn around and go directly back as I was on the highway 401 to attend a family event. I could not risk being late. Extremely disappointed I actually stopped at a grocery store once off the 401 and purchased a chocolate milk and tray of muffins for my child and the rest of us.
I find the quality often suffers in the pressure of the drive thru and am very disapointed in Tim's. Both my wife and I work and go everyday for coffee on the way. We are re thinking this. Perhaps Keurig needs our business too.
Sincerely, Kevin Matchett and Melissa Somerville. [protected] or [protected]

Dec 09, 2018

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