The Brick / dishwasher

Cambridge Ontario, Canada

Bought a dishwasher last week, was a floor model, I thought 430.00 great deal, had a small dent on door no big deal, as long as it work that, s the main thing . Well get it home hook it up and water is pouring out the bottom, take it back to the brick said I bought as is, , it, s funny how they are so nice then your buying something but when you bring something back the fangs come out, told me not there problem anymore call the manufacturer, I think that at one point it was drop that, s why it had a dent, husband looked at the bottom a it was cracked. I feel someone at that store had drop it and but it for sale anyway and wait for a sucker ( me I guess) I am so piss off, I will never ever deal with the brick again and will definitely tell friends and family of the hell I, m going though, I can say that the brick ripped me off of $430. 00 . The old saying applies to the brick buy beware

Jun 22, 2017

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