The Brickcindy crawford ssection - getting a full refund for the damaged couch

Good morning, I am wanting to talk to someone that could help me out. We ordered a couch set from THE BRICK in Lloydminster, Alberta, which we said we would never order from again due to warranty and customer service issues .We got suckered in and are very unhappy with how they are dealing with this situation.
WE where told that the warranty department has changed and runs very well, know I have put a warranty claim in with my Cindy Crawford sectional and it has been cancelled without my permission . They never informed me, I am always phoning them to find out with is going on. I told them I just want my money back for the couch and they can take, I am not wanting to deal with them and the way thing are going . Since the first day of delivery the couch has been knotting and shredding and snacking on the material, sitting area and back rest and arm rest .

I would like to get the figured our please asap as it been going on for the last 2 months and been a pain dealing with them here

Amanda Anderson

Dec 11, 2018

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