The Brick / ruined my credit

United States

I purchased some leather furniture from thr Brick with their credit to get the differed payment plan. They didn't tell me that the taxes on the sale were due within a shorter time frame. When I got a bill shortly after stating that the taxes were due my wife (who works at BMO for 11yrs) took the bill with her to work and payed the amount for the taxes. The following month a bill came from the brick for a larger amount w/ interest. Confused about this we made the payment and called them in regards to it. They said that they hadn't recieved any payment. We were also surprised that it was actually HSBC that we were dealing with and not the brick. My Wife did a service request (trace) on where the money went when the payments were made at the bank. AS is turns out the money went to Wells Fargo Bank in the states. (the brick uses wells fargo in the states) We made the brick aware of what had happened and they said that we need to specify where we would like they money to go when we make the payments?! I don't know why the account number that they gave us wasn't linked directly to where it should go. We told them that it could take a little while for the money to come back from Wells Fargo Bank and that we would straighten out the mess when it did. The Brick (HSBC) continued to bill us in the meantime which brought the account over 30 days past due and in turn made hits on my credit buruea and took my score from the upper 700's down into the low 600's which is quite a big deal. Once the money came back from the states I went directly to the store and payed the bill. I spoke to someone on the phone from HSBC about the damage to my credit which has given us a higher inerest rate on the new house that are building (which adds up to a lot of extra money over a lower rate when it's on a mortgage over for $400 000) HSBC said that they would correct the report on equifax but instead they sent me a letter saying 'congratulations, your credit limit has been increased'...YIKES. What a joke. The other thing that I should mention is that while we were sorting out their mess, they called twice a day every day usually when our son was trying to take a nap. If you can, avoid doing business with these dinks do so.

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