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purchased a " pay per day package with evenings and weekends and texting " as I was having a difficult time understanding the available packages and wasnt happy with previous package.
Purchased this package at 8:47 pm, it was "discontinued" at 6:25am, 10 hours later.
In talking with Ryan in the Philippines for 42 minutes, (telus mobility ) he couldnt answer me why there was $10 subscription fee deducted from my account, nor why there was $10 added to my account for a "promo credit top up"
Ryan eventually hung up on me, I gave him the benifit of the doubt having worked at various call centers, I always called back a disconnected caller, I called back to Telus and got Allan, I asked for Ryan and explained that I was working with him for 42 minutes, he was very rude and short, would not let me get back to Ryan nor a Manager.
After 20 minutes with Allan, I asked him where does it say, when I bought the package that "1day = 10hours ) and why was I not sent a notification, instead I was unknowingly charged for calls and texts for the next 14 hours of what I thought would be the end of my 1day package .
I went to make a call at 7pm, 22 hours into my day long package and informed my account had a $0 Balance .
There was $21.50 left on my account after adding $25 and purchasing $1.50 account, do that math ??? not only did they take $21.50 there was also the previously mentioned $10 promo topup, so I chewed threw $31.50 all in the time period of being on a 1 day package, after spending over two hours on the phone with vague answers and ### english speaking reps, i was "lucky to be given 5 days unlimited " even this is not correct as I can not call out .
my dear god, my $31.50 could have had me 30days service !
I get 5 !!
After asking Allan to show me at least where the fine print is in buying a 1day package at 8:47 pm and oddly expires at 6:25 am, Allan gets upset and tells me it was suppose to expire at 12:01 am, but still cant guide me online to where this is explained . I wanted to speak to a manager or would settle for $21.50 credit .
He too hung up on me !!
Unacceptable Guys . This type of miss guidance and lack of CS will not get you to the top and result in failure .
Thanks for listening !
Blake Morrissey

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  • Wi
      Aug 09, 2013

    I have to agree. Just got an email from Telus along with other changes over the last few months is unacceptable.
    Local Calls now 50 cents and minute plus and 50 cents if long distance. 50 cents for local $1.00 for long distance.
    Add on plans have changed.
    If your balance is over $300 as of Oct 2013 they will force you with a $10.00 per month add on.
    So to keep my Telus prepaid and being over $300.00 balance I am forced to piss away $10.00 per month that I wont use.
    Was a great plan for seniors and for an emergency phone. Some of us can actually live with out a mobile phone with a huge plan.
    It just seems that now a days that any one offering a good deal, is no more!! I have a USA Tracfone that is $100.00 per year and continues to roll over and they do NOT have any add ons (which is ok with me) and their calling is the same no matter where you call. And is about 10 cents a minute.
    We are being ripped off!!!

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