Telus Internet / unauthorized charges

It appears that is one of the ways Telus makes a profit. They put $211.00 cancellation fee on my credit card. I phoned in October and they agreed it was an error and would reverse the amount. It is now December and the reversal did not come through. I phoned again and the credit had not been processed. The first person told me that I would have to call the credit card company and initiate a dispute. I finally got a supervisor who told me that she would process the credit and I would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for the credit to appear.

A similar thing happened to my brother and it took six months to get a refund. If Telus does this to several thousand customers a month, they could be holding millions of the customers money. They use this money. At the same time they have interest and surcharges for everything that they do.

According to my records I only have 15 days left in my contract. According to their records, I requested a change in April and my contract does not expire until April.

Here is my plan:

1. Call the billing department and ask to speak to a supervisor. Refuse to get off the phone until the refund is processed. Do this every day until the money is refunded.

2. Call customer relations at [protected]. Keep calling until you are satisfied.

3. Followup with emails to [protected]

4. File a complaint with the better business bureau. Very effective

5. File a complaint with Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada.

6. File a complaint with your provincial consumer protection office.

7. Do what I am doing now and respond to as many forums and blogs as you can. I have scheduled two hours every night for this activity.

8. When you get your money - switch companies, Telephone, internet, TV and cell phones.

Post your successes to help others.

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