Telus Communicationsreporting to credit bureau and refusal to give me information of the late bills and payments for the period in question

My credit report says that Telus reported me as being late on a january 2014 payment. I contacted telus and received a woman named Luba. She was extremely evasive when I asked her to tell me the amount that was late in 2014 and how late. She told me she couldn't look back that far. After i told her I believed she could, several times, she gave me some random numbers and dates, and then when I asked for them again to write them down, she gave me different numbers. I asked to speak to a manager and she refused to transfer me. Then when I asked again, she said there werent any there. I asked what city she was in and she said Canada. I asked for the name of a manager several times and she finally said Elio. She refused to spell it for me. I asked what city he was in and she said Montreal. I asked her to transfer me to him or give me his number and she refused stating that he wouldnt speak to me anyways. At this point she basically refused to help me. After i got off the phone, I did my own investigating and found Elio Nader in Montreal, manager for customer relations. I called him. He immediatly told me that if I didnt speak french he would not talk to me. I asked for a manager that spoke English and Elio hung up on me.

Jan 31, 2017

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