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Telus / internet rip off

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Here is a copy of the email I just sent to telus: complaints - wow, you sure have a lot of complaints against you on the internet, and I agree. I've had high speed internet for three weeks. It intereferes significantly with my phone - I lose very important calls every day. I am cancelling my internet. Your snot nosed technician told me i'm going to pay a $120 cancellation fee. Good scam. You can give away all the free computers and ipods - maybe try free cars - from now til the cows come home and I will never use telus again for anything. Three weeks - it doesn't work - and now I pay you $120. I should charge telus for the stress & anguish caused by my losing the emergency phonecall from my parents, and potential employers over the past couple of weeks. Now, where do I return the crappy wireless network and all the crappy equipment to, please? Thanks so much - for ripping me off.

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  • Te
      13th of Dec, 2006

    telus is the greatest scam on earth.
    they always try to add little charges on my bill.
    focring me to call them wait on hold for hour. then tell me they dont see anything wrong. then i have to call someone else. who doesnt understand english. then i get the turn around again. until i threaten to call better business bureau or my lawyer then the charges disapear faster then i can say telus sucks.
    now imagine... they do this on the milliions . level.
    how many of them do you think will go threw the crap i have to go thru to get a few dollars of the bill. not many.
    so that millions of extra dollars for telus. which im sure they dont claim tazx on either.

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  • Ja
      27th of Jan, 2008

    Telus has an internet air card plan that is unlimited and they are charging me the same amount for 1GB of use. My computer decided to download a bunch of stuff 4Gb worth and now they are charging me like 3$ a MB over so I owe $8000 for not even 20hrs worth of use. That is files I can't use or even wanted. These prices are need to be challenged. I'm getting a lawyer.

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  • Jo
      6th of Feb, 2008

    Is there any way to voice a legit complaint against telus and have it respected and dealt with???

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  • To
      29th of Jul, 2008

    Telus charged me $120 for breaking a contract after I decided a couple of months later, after verbally agreeing to use their high speed wireless service, not to continue using Telus' IP service. I put nothing in writing, yet they are charging $120 dollars as though I had been able to read their contract agreement. This is an unfair practice by Telus, a ripoff, and ensures angry customers do not return, and that those same angry customers spread the word about this company.
    Of even greater concern to me is this: Starting next year, Telus plans to begin charging per site fees on most internet sites. They are planning to run their "service" like a cable subscription system, where customers subscribe to a limited number of sites ( say, 100?) and will charge the customers for any sites visited beyond their arbitrary cutoff point ( see: Death of Free Internet is Imminent). Telus apparently sees itself as a pioneer, to bring us all back to the days of the frontier regarding information dispersal and sharing. A great number of small websites will be frozen out of existence due to this planned policy. Will this attitude spread to the other companies? Don't bet it won't.
    Finally, sincere Kudos to the Complaints Board website people for the fine service they are providing to consumers.

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  • Om
      11th of Sep, 2008

    By far the worst company I may have dealt with!
    1. Contracts...does this company work without contracts? On second thought I don't think they could work without them as no one would stay long enough.
    2. Internet speeds go up and down faster than anything in the world. When they say UPTO 3.0mbps - they literally mean UPTO as in you will never see 3.0
    3. Telus TV looks no better than regular cable - Its not DTV - its actually worse than cable because you have to suffer they incredibly laggy interface.

    I am doing everything I can to not have to use them again.

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  • Ro
      12th of Mar, 2010

    This company is a joke. they sell a service with a "contract" and then tell you that you have to pay once you realize that its a scam. The TV and internet don't work together, you have to choose one or the other ... why bother? No Contracts at Shaw, internet, TV Phone all work independently ... and if you're not happy no charge to move! Its amazing they have any customers given how they treat people.

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  • Ed
      24th of Nov, 2010

    i'd suggest that the better buisiness people have the most clout against the telus corperation, and i do not understand why more telus victims don'go to them to point out that they have been or are being defrauded by telus.
    telus is a huge corperation and one or two private complaints don't affect them much, but hundreds andor thousands of complaints to better buisness might change their corperate attitude.i found their service to be the best, of course if you defraud millions of people, you have funds to provide wonderful services to your next group of unsuspecting victims.
    please use the better buisness folks, if not just for your own sake for everyones safety.

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  • An
      2nd of Dec, 2010

    I received a phone call at MY home by a Telus salesperson who offered me a great deal to drop Shaw and sign up with their Optik TV. I would bundle internet, phone with Telus Optik TV and pay 153.90 for 3 years. Too good to be true? that's what I made clear with operator number x136041 who assured me that my total bill would be 153.90 for three years for all three services. So I get my bill yesterday and I've been charged 228.00. $75.00 more than agreed. No luck speaking to a live person yesterday... trying again today. I've been ripped off by Telus.

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  • An
      2nd of Dec, 2010

    OOPS! Please retract my last post! A great Telus lady finally answered my call and explained the whole pro-rated thing. I was wrong! I am being charged what i agreed to. Wow... I actually admitted I was wrong (;

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  • Co
      14th of Jan, 2011

    Hey animalcop? How's come your profile says you live in British Columbia? You just said you live in NEW YORK!

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