Telus / telus customer service = ###s

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After years of putting up with the a**holes at Telus, I finally got smart and switched to Shaw. Shaw provides stellar customer service and their internet speed compared to Telus is like a Porsche vs. a VW. No comparison. Shaw also offers excellent phone service.
The [censored]s that man the Telus call centre have, at best, a 3rd grade education, and most of the ###s can barely speak English. Telus sucks, I'll never buy a product from Telus again.

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  • Ea
      Jan 25, 2010

    Your stupid. The reason that is so is because you don't need an education through actual school to know how to sell people phones. It takes training at a store to learn that, therefore your argument using numerical grade(s) is invalid, as are you.

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  • Ur
      Mar 10, 2010

    Wow, someone is a little hot and we sure get the fact that you do not like Telus. Was thinking about getting Telus internet but not now. I currently have Shaw Internet and you are right. Shaw is good and your are also correct that the people at Shaw are great. (stellar is a better word) The best part about Shaw Internet is their free anti virus and internet protection software, it's the best. So make sure you use Shaw Secure. I was looking at Telus Internet simply because it is a bit cheaper. What was I thinking? I will stay with the devil I know. So, thanks for your blunt and to the point post.

    As far as the other reply posted above from (eatacock) . It is obvious that you may work at a Telus phone store or call center and it's probably really good for the public that you don't work for the Post Office. I simply don't understand your reply. It reminds me of some kind of ranting nut case just before they go postal. Oh, by the way. Next time you post don't tell us what you eat for lunch, we don't care. Too funny...hope you read it strikes a nerve. Have a good day, all.

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  • Ad
      Jan 05, 2011

    1. You didn't state what the issue was with the exception of "[censor]s can barely speak English"
    2. VW owns Porsche
    3. Had TELUS for 8 years with no issues and constant speeds not like my mother with alternating speeds (she's with Telus now)
    4. Just because someone disagrees with a post it does not mean that they work for a company. Idiot, I could call both of you Shaw employees.
    5. "It reminds me of some kind of ranting nut case just before they go postal" the original post was a rant as it described nothing.

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