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Vanderbijlpark, ZA

Good day

Please help me im beng billed too much, I was billed for February R150 TWICE on 2017/03/02 and on 2017/02/28 R733.94, I did not agree to this billing. According to me I should pay only R188?

My ID is [protected], adress is 17B Budd street Vanderbijlpark and other NR is [protected].
Im also now informed on telkom app that my bill so far is R759, how is that possible? Im only using the free data and nothing more.

Im very unhappy with telkom I did not agree to this and dont want this, I agreed to pay R188 a month not a cent more, I cannot afford to pay R1200 to telkom thats ridiculous.

Telkom gave me false information for this product.

I want these two simcards to be deactivated immediately please. Im removing these sim cards and destroying them as well.

I want all my overcharged money paid back to me or I will open a criminal case of fraud against Telkom

Please help me in this regard please I cant afford all of these overcharged amounts.

Carol Townshend

Apr 01, 2017

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