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Telkom SA SOCadsl line

Inow want the CEO contact number for Technician responsible for fixing my ADSL line. Ref. 920357. And I dont want to hear any excuses!!! I am going to charge my petrol costs and parking bay costs to Telkom as I now need to travel since Monday to be able to work!!!

I work from home for my company and not myself and I am now really fed up with Telkom!!!

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    Telkom SA SOCcustomer service

    Booked in my Samsung cellphone which was still under warranty and was told it will be sent to JHB for repair. I received several sms`s to say they booked it in, it was received, and submitted to insurance and lastly a sms with reference number TRL 031541, that i must pay R188.00 to have my phone released as i did not accept the quote for repairs.

    I never even received a quote for the repair, not forgetting the fact that the phone was still under warranty and now i must pay to have my phone released without the necessary repairs. I tried to get the phone back from the store but they said it was still in JHB and after phoning the repair centre the repair centre refused to speak to me over the phone and rudely told the store owner that i must just pay the money and take my phone back. I phoned the number 081180 and after waiting almost half and hour and being cut off several times I was given a number of the repair centre and that number does not exist. I`m not a violent person, but should I get the address of the repair centre in JHB I will make a personal visit to them the next time i am in JHB. For that bit of satisfaction, i will gladly bid farewell to the piece of **** Samsung J1 Ace.

    I will never again do business with telkom. Once the two contracts I have with them come to and end i will camcel and go to another service provider.

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      Telkom SA SOCblacklisted for telkom account that I do not have!

      In June 2014 I applied for a ADSL line from Telkom. I waited for a very long time and nothing happened. I went into the Telkom store in Tzaneen and cancelled my order. The gentleman at the counter showed me on his screen that the order had been cancelled. a year later, June 2015 I received an account from Telkom for 2 x sims cards. I phoned them immediately and reported this as a mistake. My ref # [protected]. the dispute was declined because there was movement on the account - which is obvious because otherwise they would not have sent me an invoice? I was requested to report this to Telkom's fraud line - which I did - nothing happened I just kept on getting invoices. Eventually they handed me over to MBD attorneys and I was blacklisted. These people does not seem to understand that I have reported and sent all the info numerous times, they keep on harassing me. I went to Polokwane Telkom offices to find out what to do. The gentleman at the counter told me that he cannot find any documentation in my name and requested me to forward all the info to him - which I did. Still they are harassing me at work for a payment! I refuse to make any payment as I have never had an account with them! could somebody please sort this mess out??????

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        Telkom SA SOCbilling issue

        I am really dissatisfied with the level of service received by the after service team the past few days.
        I had a contract with Telkom mobile and have been billed in arrears every month. Even this month (November) I am been billed for October.
        In store I was told that in December I will be billed for November and was also validated a day later by a customer care supervisor.
        Now I am told by multiple agents that In December I will be billed for November and December. How can I be billed for December within the month of December when the month would not be over cause my debit goes off on the 27th.
        This is an upgrade and not a new line so your billing should continue as it was but with a higher premium but in this case, the billing changed completely and now I have to pay for 2 months.
        Nobody can provide me valid reasons and all they know is that is how the billing works.
        I spoke to more than people over days and spending more than 3 hours of my time to be in the same position I started at is really ridiculous.
        I will be terminating my contract as it is still within the cooling off period.
        Will never refer anyone to Telkom Mobile as I did in the past.
        Naheem Shaik.

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          Telkom — phone cancellation

          I was advised to cancel my contract and convert number to prepaid however no one called me to confirm...

          Cape Town

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          Telkom SA SOCsmart plan 150

          I reported my phone lost and stolen about a month ago (October). They suspended my line as per normal. I then asked them to reactivate my line and they informed me that my line was suspended due to non payment (even though it was paid for, I have the notification from fnb). They then told me in November that payment has reflected and my line will be active within 72h (15 November ). It's now the 28th and still no line. I have spoken to many agents and all the say they will escalate it to the relevant department. They all say that the elusive back office will magically activate my line. But they never do...

          I now need to pay for services for this month that I did not even use. Please contact me on [protected]@yahoo.com

          If this matter is not resolved before the end of this month I will be taking this matter further

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            Telkom SA SOCtelephone & adsl line

            Tel: [protected] e chelin 7 annandale, 14a st helier road, gillitts

            I have been without a telephone or adsl line for more than six weeks.
            This is of great concern as my husband has a heart problem and my 88 years old mother-in-law who had dementia lives with us and we feel very concerned
            That we cannot get hold of medical attention should the need arise. Due to the positioning of our house cellular service is at most times non existent.

            When I phone 10210 I am constantly told they are working on it. On one of the days they said they came to my house and couldn’t access the property despite the fact
            That I said they must phone my cell and I will come home from work. On another day I was told they would be coming and I went home and sat there for 3 hours and nobody pitched up.

            I have been billed a second month for a service I am not getting.

            Is there anything that can be done to help with this problem

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              Telkom SA SOC — homeoffice lte 20gb + huawei b953

              We have moved on 16 June 2016 to Swellendam, Western Cape. I have submitted a Request for Contract & Service...


              Telkom — adsl not working

              My ADSL line was faulty almost the entire month of Nov 2016. As i was in hospital for the first week i could...


              Telkom SA SOCadsl - internet

              Installation of ADSL line & Internet completed beginning Sept. 25th October complaint to Telkom I had no internet. Was told they are working on lines. No fault report no given. 26 Oct paid subscription for September and October. 28th Oct. Reported to Telkom still no internet. Was informed technicians are still working on lines. First week of November. Informed Telkom again - no internet services. Was asked for a fault no. I have received nothing as from 25th October. Operator told me last complaint on this line was 2009!!!. 7th November Telkom sent sms line has been tested and seems to be ok. I replied to sms the line and internet is still not working. NO RESPONSE from Telkom. 10th Nov. Got reference no 75CRK041116 - Could not tell who reported this. Status according to website: IN PROGRESS. 22nd Nov. Contacted customer services ONCE AGAIN. I was told the technician will contact me the same day to set up an appointment the next day to get to my house. To is 28th Nov. NO RESPONSE FROM TELKOM!!! I have received an SMS on 16th Nov to pay my subscription. FOR WHAT??? NO SERVICE SINCE 25TH OCT??? don't think about it! I refuse to pay anything till this is sorted. If it is not sorted by Wednesday 30th Nov, I will take this matter to the OMBUDSMAN! Elizabeth Pelser. Acc no [protected] [protected].

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                Telkomhuawei wireless handsets

                Dear Sir/ Madam

                I am sending this email on behalf of my mother Mrs. Louisa Orie, telephone number [protected].

                My mother has had a pre-paid waya-waya telephone line for the past few years. Some time back one of your consultants phone her Carol Kovack, hope I spelled the name correct to introduce your new wireless handsets. She explained all about the fact that Telkom is changing to the new wireless phones everybody will have to change to this new phones. To make a long story short this wireless phone was delivered to my mother on the 17th October 2016. On the 18th October 2016 I tried to contact this phone following all the instructions putting in the battery and sim card charging as required. After battery was fully charged I switched the phone on but on the screen it reads ‘SIM REGISTRATION FAILED”. Since that day this phone has not been working and the sad part is that my mother’s normal phone line was cut stating that Telkom has transferred the service to this new phone.

                Since the 18th October 2016 I have been phoning all the Telkom numbers for assistance with no luck of being assisted (All the numbers that I called 10210, 10213, 081180, [protected]). I was told to go to Telkom office which I did and that is another story I stay in King William’s Town and there is no Telkom office in King William’s Town I had to drive 45 min to East London for a Telkom office. I went to that shop 3 times with no luck. The answer that I got from them is that they cannot assist me because the lady that first started the deal Carol Kovack never registered the phone on the Hawei system. Emails was send by Telkom office and your Telkom consultants to this lady Carol Kovack and her supervisor to phone me back to rectify this problem but with no luck. These two people never phoned back.

                I would like to appeal to whoever can assist to switch my mother’s line back to the normal prepaid Waya-Waya she had before 17 October 2016.

                My mother being a pensioner has been inconvenienced in a very bad way. I will even courier this wireless phone back to your offices waiting your response.

                I would appreciate it if you can contact me on the following number: [protected].

                Thank you for your assistance.

                Dorothy Jagers

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                  Telkom SA SOCmy telkom telephone line and adsl internet connection are frequently out of service.

                  My telkom telephone line [protected]) and adsl internet connection are frequently out of service. I am experiencing and reporting faults as frequent as twice a week and telkom cannot come up with a permanent solution. Please tell me if telkom cannot repair the fault and if I should look at other service providers. I can be contacted at [protected]@gmail.com

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                    Telkom SA8*ta data contract

                    I took out a 8*ta data contract in March 2012 for my son who was studying in Cape Town. I took out the contract at the Jeffreys Bay Telkom shop in the Fountains Mall.
                    After the 2 year contract ran out, I went to the same Telkom shop in the Fountains Mall in Jeffreys Bay to cancel the contract. I filled in the necessary cancellation forms and was told that the debit order will only go off once more and then be stopped. It did not happen and now, more than 2 years later, the debit order still goes off my bank account, although the service is not in use (because we do not have 8*ta reception in Jeffreys Bay). I have lodged several enquiries and complaints, even went on 'Hello Peter' - only to receive promises that they are looking into the matter. They are robbing me blind and I cannot stop them!

                    8*ta data contract

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                      Telkom SA SOCinternet problem service are so bad

                      Good day
                      I lock an complain on the 2 nov 2016 I still did not get any joy. 1st they said the they did come out here, but nobody at home and they did call me and left a message, which was not true no calls no messages and would not be able to nock on the door beacuse I need to open the gate. 2nd I put so many complaint in. The they said the will send me a specialist out to check my stuff and then they told me my router is faulty, if the weather dot cause it why is the lights still on??? The best is of all the cannot not test it to see what is fault. Why are they specialist??? 3rd I want to buy a new router to see what is going on now they do not have stock this is so bad service and they said they cannot get it from another branch I must go and found who got one and go get one there. You would not believe how I struckel to get this sorted out I am loosing bus and money I drive up and down to the branch for nothing. My time my petrol are you going to give all my money back I am loosing out on!!! On the end they give me a sim card which even do not work properly cannot not get wireless and keep going off. On the 25/11/2016 it is off I phone them and they could not pick up my line which was the fault from the begging. Now what do you think I must do you tell me. I need answer quick as possible. Amanda [protected] this in my land line for the dsl line

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                        • Updated by vian1ste · Nov 25, 2016

                          I need answer and get this sorted out please urgently

                        • Updated by vian1ste · Nov 25, 2016

                          PLease te service are so bad Need to get thisa sorted out urgently

                        Telkom SA SOCtelkom fix line

                        On 14/11/2016 my line went dead and I reported it the same day ref 1218ctk141116. I made contact several times during the week and the only response I got was that it was assigned and someone will get back to me which no one did and no further commitment iro time. Then it was escalated ref 91417 and still no one contacted me. Eventually after more and more and more calls this week, I was told the line will be fixed before 25/11/2016 which also didn't happen and this was only after I logged a complaint via Hello Peter. I asked to talk to a manager and was told no one is available and yet no one called me. This is totally unacceptable - two weeks and NO service or even a call from Telkom to provide an update. I work from home and solely depend on my line so now I am already two working weeks without service and loose business daily needles to say the extra costs involved that I now had to incur to keep my business running. Can I please have my service which I pay for, costly if I may add so, for that is Treating Customers Fairly

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                          Telkom SA SOC — no service

                          Good day Today I tried to contact Telkom with reference to Top Up, i spoke with Devon Naidoo and explained...

                          Cape Town

                          Telkom — telkom mobile

                          Please assist, Telkom suspended my mobile line due to a debit order of R2500.00 that Telkom took from my...

                          Telkom SA SOCtelkom mobile contracts

                          On the 12th nov ive made a payment on my accounts. Currently i have 7 contracts there with you. On monday 14th nov three of my phones were disconnected. Two were connected the same day. Call centre confirmed they received the payment. After numerous calls, empty and bullcrap lies of promising to phone us back or that the phone will be connected again, i wont ever recommend you to anyone!!!Its now 11 days, more than the promised 72 hours waiting period for connection. Youve broke contract rules!!! That is a company phone for my bussiness and ive lost many many money!!! We want someone please to help us. Somoeone who are capable to handle this.
                          Johan pieterse

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                            Telkom SA SOCtelkom! getting the runaround for the past year now!

                            Please check the " hellopeter" re my remarks as every single email address for telkom get either no reply, when I do get a reply it is a different person, what is the problem ? When I have sent countless emails with attachments re the problem !!! & since then, same old story ! 'what is the problem' ? When I asked for an email to be sent to [protected]@hotmail.com or [protected]@gmail.com so I can send over forty attachments (less than half the story !) so the person checking the email can 'see' my problem

                            Please send me an email address as this is beyond serious & become critical (telkom's fault !)

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                              Telkom SA SOC — unfinished order

                              I changed my normal telkom line to an adsl, wifi contract which I was told is a very good deal, getting...


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