Telkom SA SOC / re-rica: [protected]

germiston, South Africa

Today, the 2nd May @ 18h00, I went to Carnival Mall to Rica my phone but the older white lady that assisted me with black hair, her named starts with M, forgot her name, was not helpful at all she told me that she will send an e-mail in the morning contrary to what the call centre agent told me hence I rushed to have this done at the Carnival Mall branch to be effective immediately. We have a high crime rate of house breaking and just straight ambush in my neighbourhood. This past long weekend it was just out of hand with lives threatened at gun point. I therefore cannot be without my cellphone. How am I to call the police for help???? or even whatsapp the neighbourhood patrol forum.
Please lets us render the services we promise by law to the community. I drove for nothing to that store, wasted my petrol and time. The store closes at 19h00 I was there @ 18h00 an hour before the store closes with my ID green barcoded book and proof of residence, why was I not helped immediately with Rica on my phone???? [protected]

Very upset
Mr LN Khumalo

May 2, 2017

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