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To who it may concern

I'm writing this email due to the none compliance from telkom and as a consumer I feel I was robbed and treated unfairly

for the month of October telkom was having a promotion on one of there data products which was 40Gbs anything and 20 nightshift Gbs for R359, this was a special that was running, the normal product was 20 gbs anything and 20 nightshift gbs for R 359 due to this being a special for an extra 20gbs for the anything I took out the contract with telkom on the 12th of October 2018, I asked constantly what this package includes and I was given the details of the 40gbs anything and 20gbs nightshift data, the consultant at the telkom conrnubia store also advise me that due to me taking a contact mid month that I would be rata for the payment as well as the data for the month of October but I will get my full data in November which will be the 40gbs anything and 20gbs nightshift data, I was short changed on this matter, in November 2018 I only got 20gbs anything and 20gbs nightshift which means they was 20 gbs shorts and was still charged R359 or y he month and still had less data given to me, I called the call center on the 17th November 2018 to find out why this happened and that I wanted my data they said that they can log a case which will take 72 hours excluding weekends that was" Good Day

Case ref nunmber : [protected]" that was all.the sms said

but she couldn't help me I needed to go to my store which I took out my contract and tell them what happened, I asked to speak to a manager which I the said no manager was available I waited and then my details was taken down till today being the 1st of December 2018 no manager from telkom as called me,

I went to the telkom store On the 18th of November and she said I did infact take out the correct contract but she not sure why they didn't give me they full data, she said she would also log a case which is then when I told her I phone the called center and they said they already logged a case, she then checked and said yes she can see that it's the same case number, she then told me I will get my outstanding data after 72 hours excluding weekends and she advise she will call me and keep me.update which also till today she has not .I also asked if.I'm.gonna be having this problem every month she said no but to my surprise today is the 1st of December and I was also given 20gbs short this month and will probably be charged the same amount with less data,

On the 22th of November 2018
I got an sms from telkom saying
" Good day case:[protected] has been escalated to the relevant department, TAT for the data to be allocated is 72 hours excluding weekends regards telkom 081180 "

So I had the impression that I was gonna get my data by the 21st of November but ok I'll wait another 3 days or so, please also bear in mind that is contract doesn't carry over what ever data is not used in that month get forfeited and you don't get back I needed by data Due to.the fact that from the 18th of November I have been purchasing data bundle which costed me money coz telkom can't keep they promise

I have called telkom on the 24th, 27th, and 30th on November asking for feedback on.the case that was opened and they couldn't assist they said that they can only check on those called I also asked if I could speak to a manager which also till today they have not called me or kept they promise, the last call which was on the 30th I.was told by a T. Tshabalala that it's not 72 hours is 72 working hours, I explained to him that is not the message I got from telkom he said then it will take 9 working days I said that by the time this happens the month of November will be over he said yes very rudely with no intention to help,

This email is to complaint of the luck of communication from.telkom side, failure to keep the promise of the contract, extremely poor service at the call centre, I feel that they failed me as a consumer, this is a new contract and it's also a 24months contract I can not and will not choose to have this same problem every month after month is incompetent service
This is the 3rd month that I have been given short data and changed the full price without receiving the full data I would like to cancel this contract to avoid any more is the 1st of December and instead of 40gbs anything and 20gbs nightshift I was only given.20 'gbs anything and 20nightshift, this was short of 20 gbs anything data, I.can't keep complaining about the same thing every month

Dec 01, 2018

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