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I ordered my mother and mother-in-law flowers for mothers day. I did this well enough in advance to assure that they would be delivered without a hitch. My mother in-law got the flowers delivered to her without a hitch. I continued to wait to hear from my own mother about the flowers that she received, but nothing. I call Teleflora the same day that things were supposed to be delivered and the person refused to take my confirmation number or anything to check on the order and stated that the trucks had til 10 pm that night to deliver. I call back that night at 10 pm sharp to tell them, "now will you take my confirmation number so I can tell you that my flowers were not delivered?" The person tells me that there was a problem and that the florist was requesting more money from Teleflora to help with the flowers. She assured me that this would not be more money from me though. I was "guaranteed" deliver to be Monday May 12, and a 20% refund into my account to be credited. Monday comes, still no delivery. Yet another phone call to be told that the person did not completely file the order so it had not been sent to a florist. I was then again "guaranteed" delivery for Tuesday morning. Tuesday came and went, yet again, no suprise that there was not a delivery. I call yet again and they tell me that the complaints department is closed at that time and they can't do anything for me, but that my flowers should be "guaranteed" delivered that Wednesday morning and that this time I would personally receive a phone call from Teleflora regarding my complaints and assuring my delivery with a 50% refund into my account, not to mention the apology letter to my mother. Here we are Wednesday and I spoke with not one, not two but four different people today. The first told me that 4 calls to them is too many and to trust that they would have the delivery when guaranteed. I then speak with a Supervisor who states that he gives me a "100% guarantee" that my delivery will be received today without any problems and that I won't have to call them again complaining. He also said to me that 4 calls to them was too many, and after I told him where to go and how to get there because I as the customer could call as often as I needed to because I had paid for a services, he said that he really meant that 4 times is too many times to be calling with a complaint and he would get it fixed right here and then. Yet again, no delivery today and another phone call. The next person tells me that they are sorry to tell me that the Mother's day arrangement that I have ordered is no longer available and they would be happy to cancel my order and refund my money. Then, another supervisor gets on the phone and states that the order will be fully refunded and they will still guarantee that it will be delivered tomorrow. Here we come Thursday... wanna bet that there still won't be a delivery?


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